Lost Ark: All Fate Spire Rewards (2024)

Fate Spire Rewards: In the lost ark, there are many places where you can enter with the tickets or as you get the level to enter the specific place. Lost ark has two which you can visit once you clear the minimum required level for it. In the lost ark, there are two towers: The fate spire tower and the shade spire tower.

Both combined towers have 100 floors in them, where the spire tower has 50 floors and the shade spire tower has 50 floors. You can enter any of the towers to get the existing reward from there.

On each floor, there will be a particular time set and you have to complete the task before the timer ends, so as you complete the task you will get the rewards on each floor. The difficulty level will increase as you reach high in the tower.

How To Find The Fate Spire Rewards on The Map?

Fate Spire Rewards is a very open-area combat game. Some of the great places have more rewards for their player when they complete a particular part of the game. In the tower, the player will get rewards on each floor. But to reach that tower you will require a minimum level to access the door of the tower.

To enter the fate spire, you have to follow the main storyline of the lost ark and have to complete the final report yorn with an item level of at least 802 to access the tower. Whereas to enter the shade spire tower you will only require an item level of at least 302 to access the tower.

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Once you enter the tower the loot is all yours if you have enough skill to dominate the enemy and finish the task on each floor. The fate spire tower and shade spire tower will be present in every major city of the lost ark.

You can easily find on the map, that the tower is represented by the box with the wings. Also, you can locate a tower near the cube and boss rush.

When you get access to enter the Fate Spire Rewards, a window will pop up on the screen which will show the pick-up option and floor option. On the left side, you will see the enter option and on the right side, you will have the option to select the floor from where you want to begin.

fate spire rewards

Is the different floors will have different rewards in fate spire tower lost ark?

If you just unlocked the minimum level for access in the tower, you will have the question: will I get the new rewards on each floor?

On each floor, as you complete the floor you will be rewarded with many items which you can use for your further journey and further combat.

On the first floor, the reward might not be worth it to you, but the difficulty level will also be very less as you reach high in the tower, the difficulty level will increase, and also the reward price will increase.

Point to mention that in the tower the duos and teams are not allowed in Fate Spire Rewards. You have to enter solo in the fate spire tower and have to win each floor by yourself.

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The basic rewards included are skill potions and permanent stat boosts. These are very important if they don’t seem as you can see that to access the towers you will need the lowest score to enter without the level it can not be possible to enter the Fate Spire Rewards.

So in the future, if you face this same kind of level requirement then you can increase it with the tower rewards to complete all levels first in the group.

The minimum score to enter the tower is 803 as you enter the Fate Spire Rewards to reach the next floor after completing the task you will also be required to gear the five points then you entered. Also, you can not ask for anyone’s help in completing the tower. When you finish the tower, you have to finish the public announcement tower quest.

Different rewards will you receive on the floor and alt in fate spire tower lost ark:

For the First Clear

On the first four floors, you will get a legendary uncommon mode pack. On the fifth floor, you will get the specialization increase potion. From floors 6 to 9 you will receive a rare engraving recipe chest.

From floors 10 to 14 you will receive a Rare – Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch. Where on the 10th floor the rewards will be x5. On floor 15 you will receive a vitality increase potion. From 16 to 19 epic rapport chest. On the 20th-floor skill point potion.

From floor number 21 to 24 the rare battle engraving recipe pouch. On the 25th floor is the legendary fate treasure chest. From 26 to 29 rare engraving recipe chests. On the 30th-floor swiftness potion.

From 31 to 34 legendary uncommon mod packs. On the 35th floor, 13th giants hearts will be rewarded to you. From 36 to 39 legendary rapport chest. On the 40th floor, stat increases the potion. From 41 to 44 rare battle engraving recipe pouch.

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On the 45th rune, quick recharge. From 46 to 49 epic creation fragment cards. On the last floor, you will receive a skill point position in the first clear.

Different rewards will you receive on the floor and on alt in fate spire tower lost ark:

Floor numberReward you will receive in the first clear Reward you will receive in alt
1Legendary Uncommon Modpack Life Shard Pouch (x2) 
2Legendary Uncommon Modpack Life Shard Pouch (x2)
3Legendary Uncommon Modpack Life Shard Pouch (x2)
4Legendary Uncommon ModpackBound Life Leapstone (x20)
5Specialisation Increase Potion Life Shard Pouch (x5)
6Rare Engraving Recipe ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
7Rare Engraving Recipe ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
8Rare Engraving Recipe ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
9Rare Engraving Recipe ChestAncient Platinum Coin (x7)
10Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Pouchx5Bound Life Leapstone (x50)
11Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch Life Shard Pouch (x2)
12Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch Life Shard Pouch (x2)
13Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch Life Shard Pouch (x2)
14Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchBound Life Leapstone (x20)
15Vitality Increase PotionGuardian Stone (x2000)
16Epic Rapport Chest Life Shard Pouch (x2)
17Epic Rapport Chest Life Shard Pouch (x2)
18Epic Rapport ChestDestruction Stone (x200)
19Epic Rapport ChestDestruction Stone (x200)
20Skill Point Potion Life Shard Pouch (x5)
21Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchGuardian Stone (x200)
22Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchGuardian Stone (x200)
23Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch Life Shard Pouch (M) (x2)
24Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchLife Shard Pouch (M) (x2)
25Legendary Fate Treasure ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
26Rare Engraving Recipe ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
27Rare Engraving Recipe ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
28Rare Engraving Recipe ChestGuardian Stone (x200)
29Rare Engraving Recipe ChestBound Life Leapstone (x20)
30Swiftness PotionDestructionStone  (x2000)
31Legendary Uncommon Mod PacksGuardian Stone (x200)
32Legendary Uncommon Mod PacksGuardian Stone (x200)
33Legendary Uncommon Mod PacksGuardian Stone (x200)
34Legendary Uncommon Mod PacksBound Life Leapstone (x20)
3513th Giants HeartsBound Life Leapstone (x70)
36Legendary Rapport Chest Life Shard Pouch (M)(x2)
37Legendary Rapport Chest Life Shard Pouch (M)(x2)
38Legendary Rapport ChestDestructionStone (x200)
39Legendary Rapport ChestDestruction Stone (x200)
40Stat Increases The Potion Life Shard Pouch (L) (x2)
41Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchGuardian Stone (x200)
42Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchGuardian Stone (x200)
43Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchDestruction Stone (x200)
44Rare Battle Engraving Recipe PouchBound Life Leapstone (x20)
45Rune Quick RechargeGuardian Stone (x2000)
46Epic Creation Fragment Cards Life Shard Pouch (M) (x2) 
47Epic Creation Fragment Cards Life Shard Pouch (x2)
48Epic Creation Fragment CardssGuardian Stone (x200)
49Epic Creation Fragment Cards Guardian Stone (x200)
50Skill Point Position Life Shard Pouch(L) (X7)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to fate spire rewards with complete information.

What is the amount of gold you get from fatespire?

Fatespire, the Tier 2 tower, allows Alts to earn up to: That’s between 20,000 – 30,000 gold worth of mats (depending on your region). These rewards are obtained by completing all 50 floors.

How does fatespire benefit you?

The following rewards are available when you purchase Fatespire carry: Various items and resources to upgrade your character. As an experienced booster, ExpCarry is prepared to handle any task no matter how complex.

Once you’ve cleared fatespire, what happens?

The initial rewards will be swapped out for honing materials if you clear it once. The Tier 2 tower Fatespire allows Alts to earn up to: That’s more than 20,000 – 35,000 gold worth of mat.

How does the fatespire tower work in Lost Ark? 

After completing Shadespire Tower, the Fatespire Tower becomes available.

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