Beehive Minecraft | How to Craft, Make & Move (2024)

This is an ultimate guide based on Beehive Minecraft Recipe with complete information and step-by-step instructions.

A beehive can be made anywhere in Minecraft, and you can create a colony of bees and grow them with flowers. Players can then do various things with the bees, such as moving the bee houses to new locations, fighting them to collect their honeycombs, taking their honey directly, or training them like any other pet in Minecraft.

If you’re finding it challenging to craft a beehive, a bee farm & how to move a bee farm, don’t worry. We’ll get you covered & discuss all the topics below. So, let’s get started.

How To Craft a Beehive in Minecraft?

You can make your own Minecraft hive using wooden boards and honeycombs. You can make a beehive using wood planks and honeycombs in your crafting grid. You will be using honeycombs, wooden boards, scissors, and dispensers to make getting a beehive in Minecraft easier.

You will need combs if you want to make a hive and have local bees, so consider collecting them.

Make sure you have a hive ready at the base once you have attracted the bees. If you will attack a hive or comb, be sure to build a fire near the hive or comb to keep the bees calm.

Otherwise, be prepared to be stung by bees present near you. You can keep the bees quiet with smoke by building a fire near the nest or hive, which is very important if you are collecting a honeycomb or filling a bottle of honey.

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You can prevent bee aggression by placing a campfire directly below the hive or within five blocks with no other blocks. Keep in mind that the bees will still become aggressive and attack you if you destroy their nest unless a fire is built under the hive or honey-filled nest.

How To Make a Bee Farm?

Bee farms help collect honey and honeycomb, two resources that serve different purposes. Beehives require three combs, which will need to be harvested from natural spawning combs with a pair of scissors.

Honey is harvested from a full nest or hive through empty glass jars, and honeycomb is harvested with scissors from a full nest or hive. The pollen bee enters the hive or beehive, and the honey level is +1. When the honey level reaches level 5, the player can collect it with a glass bottle.

Bees bring pollen from the flowers to the hive, gradually filled with 1-5 doses of honey. You can cut open the hive to make more hives or use the bottle to grab some honey when it’s complete.

This process can then create a large bee farm to collect massive amounts of honey. After building a large enough hive, collecting enough material, and raising a massive amount of bees, players can move on to building their automated bee farm.

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Building hives will save the player time, as players can skip the entire nest-building process and use their existing bees on the hive itself. Once the player finds the hive, they have several different options for collecting bees.

Even though Minecraft talks about nests or hives of bees, there are no fundamental differences between them, and both will allow us to get honey and panels.

Honeycombs can be harvested from bee nests and beehives (you can make artificial versions of nests) using scissors; you will get from one to three pieces of honeycomb.

How To Move a Beehive in Minecraft?

Bees need to produce honey, just like in the real world, and they will die instantly when they sting the player, just like in the real world.

how to move beehive minecraft
beehive minecraft

Players can move hives and hives if you want to move the bee base to a better location, but they will be destroyed unless you collect them with Precision Gathering.

Destroying the hive will free all the bees inside, but using an enchanted item with Silk Touch of the Bees will hold back until a new hive is placed where the bees come out.

Using an enchanted tool with Silk Touch on a hive or nest will break it, along with all the bees it contains so that you can move them all at once.

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To move hives or bee nests safely, players must use tools with Silk Touch Enchantment; this will save the amount of honey in the nest and save the number of bees in the nest. Using a dispenser with a glass bottle or Redstone scissors to collect a hive or nest prevents bees from attacking the player.

Players only need to get two primitive bees for an unlimited supply. If the player is holding a
flower, the bees will follow the player, so the player can drive more bees out of the hive and
force them to accept the hive as a new home.

Bees have a surprisingly large radius in which they will find new homes, meaning players can introduce bees into your artificial hive by simply increasing the number that the original hive can support. You can move the hive to the area where you want to build your honey farm, or you can lure bees into the built hive.

This is the end of this short guide.

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