How You Can Get Adaptation Mod in Warframe

Adaptation Mod is one of the favourite mods in Warframe that allow you to be a tank. Basically, the Adaptation mod gives you resistance to that damage type mostly its calculation depends on the level of your mod you have in-game.

The maximum resistance that you can receive from the Adaptation mod is 10 % to that damage type for 20 seconds with 90 percent of stack up.

Here we have featured a guide that helps you to know how you can grab Adaptation mod in Warframe along with other in-game useful information.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

adaptation warframe

How To Get Adaptation Mod in Warframe?

Warframe players can get Adaptation mod through Arbitrations Mode. It’s an hourly alert that players can access once they complete all nodes in the Star Chart.

In case you don’t have Arbitrations mode unlocked you can purchase it from other players using Platinum. You can also purchase the Arbitration mode from third-party websites such as Warframe Market without having a hassle.

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Each Arbitration has an endless mission meaning you need to play Excavation, Defense, Disruption, Defection, or Survival mode. If you solo player Survival and Excavation mission are best for you.

However, Adaptation is a rare reward with a low drop rate and does its rare to get every A and B rotation. However, the rotations are different for the Arbitration mode.

Mostly the Warframe has A-A-B-C reward rotations but in Arbitration Mode you need to follow the A-A-B-B-C-C pattern after the 6th reward the C reward will be exclusive.

In simple words, if a player trying to get A and B rotations rewards then you should extract after the 4th reward. The 4th reward in rotations is Wave 20 on Defense, 20 minutes in Survival, 8 successful digs in Excavation, and 8 squads in Defection.

In case you miss it, the Adaptation mod is not available after that because it’s not part of the C rotation drop.

This is all for the Adaptation mod guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to gaming. If you are interested do read our Warframe Guides for more helpful content

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