How to Have Twins in Sims 4? (Step by Step)

Here step by step guide based on how to have twins in Sims 4 with complete information.

Getting twins has become one of the primary goals in The Sims games. Though random twins are not easy to obtain, some features can increase your chances of having twins.

We have given this article with more helpful tricks. Read on to discover some tricks that will increase your chances of having twins.

These tips are meant for beginners, but seasoned Sims players can also use them.

How to get Twins in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 is a family-based life simulation game. While the Sims themselves are the central focus, the player can also adopt twins or other children.

There are different ways to increase your chances of getting twins in The Sims 4. One way to increase your chances of having twins in Sims 4 is to use the Herbalism Skill. It is an exclusive skill for The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat.

Once you have the skill, you will have to go to Granite Falls and collect ingredients. The herbs in this skill have many advantages for your Sim, and you’ll be able to make more powerful potions than ever. The Herbalism Skill is highly beneficial to your Sim’s health.

Twins Sims 4

Some of the other ways are given as follows:-

1. Fertility Elixir

You can increase your chances of having twins in Sims 4 using the Fertility Elixir. This item is available for purchase for 3,000 points in the Satisfaction Rewards Store. You must also have a level 10 Herbalism skill to use the Fertility Elixir.

It also increases your Sim’s chances of twins. If you’re not able to get pregnant after trying a few methods, you can use this item. A Fertility Elixir will significantly increase the odds of having multiple children, so use it wisely. Using this item will significantly increase your Sim’s chances of conceiving twins.

You must own a massage table and a fertility bed. You can also purchase a Fertility Massage from a Sim with the Wellness skill. This item will grant a Fertility Boost mood.

2. Lot traits

If you’re planning to raise twins, there are several lot traits that you should be aware of. One lot trait that will give your twins a leg up is the peace lot trait, which will encourage your sims to read books and help them get more skills and work harder.

Other lot traits to avoid are the creepy crawlies lot trait and the grody lot trait. These traits will cause your twins to feel queasy when they use the toilet or eat. If you are planning on raising twins in Sims 4, be sure to pay close attention to the lot traits.

The On Ley Line lot trait will significantly increase the odds of having twins, so check your Lot traits before you buy it. You can use On the Ley Line with other traits, such as Fertile, but it’s recommended that you get this trait only if you plan on raising twins!

3. Pregnancy Book

Another way to get your Sim pregnant is to use the Pregnancy Book. There are many books about pregnancy, and it is possible to pick up two traits for your baby simultaneously. These traits are essential for the development of the twins, as they will help them in the future.

And since it can be challenging to get pregnant in Sims 4, it is vital to use the Fertility Elixir for twins in Sims 4.

4. Fertility Massage

To make them more fertile, you can apply the Fertility Massage lot trait to your prospective parents. Moreover, the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack contains a wishing well and a fertility massage table, which can make your Sims even more fertile.

However, it’s still not 100% guaranteed. While the other lot traits may seem unappealing, this one is beneficial for the 100 Baby Challenge.

The traits increase your Sims’ chances of having twins and increase their odds of being able to produce more than one pet. Then, as a bonus, if you’re planning on having twins, you should assign a trait to each of your Sims.

5. Adoption

You can adopt twins in Sims 4 by applying the ‘Fertile’ reward trait to yourself or prospective parents. This trait increases your chances of having a successful ‘Try for Baby’. While this is the only way to influence the chances of having twins in the base game, you can also apply it to prospective parents.

Choosing the right combination of On Ley-Line lot traits, Elixir of Fertility, and Fertility Massage will increase the chances of adopting twins or other multiple births. The first step is to find a romantic partner of the proper coupling.

Once you’ve found the right person, you can adopt a baby. Once you’ve adopted a baby, you’ll be able to adopt as many children as you’d like, but keep in mind that it’s much easier to adopt a twin than a single sim.

The second step is to find a family willing to adopt the babies. In The Sims 4, the adoption process does not include actual ghost children. If the baby has been taken away from the family, it will be adopted by another family.

Once you’ve adopted a baby, you can take the child back to the original family if you’d like. The children will become friends with the new family, but their memories will be erased afterwards.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to have twins in Sims 4 with complete information.

How do you make your Sims have twins cheat?

Your cheats are enabled after tapping the keys. Now type the pregnancy cheat for The Sims 4 in the blank area. pregnancy is the cheat code. force offspring count (Sim ID here) (number of babies you want your Sim to have)

How to get the twins trait on Sims 4?

Around the time the City Living Expansion Pack was released, a free update added Lot Traits. On the Ley Line is a lot trait that improves the chances of two Sims having twins if they conceive on a lot with that trait. On the Ley Line also stacks with Fertile characteristics.

How do you increase your chances of having twins on Sims 4?

It boosts the chances of a successful “Try for Baby” for the Sim who owns the characteristic (whether or not they are the birth parent). It also raises the chances of having twins or triplets. In the base game, this is the only way to increase the possibility of multiple births.

This is the end of this short guide.

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