How To Open Parachute in GTA San Andreas?

This guide covers all the information regarding how to open parachute in GTA San Andreas with screenshots and different locations where you can find a Parachute in the game.

A second, rectangular, blue parachuted pack design exists in GTA San Andreas, though players do not directly have access to it; the parachute itself is otherwise similar. In Grand Theft Auto 5, the parachute works almost exactly as in, except for some changes.

Before the GTA 5 entry, falling damage was not a huge issue for the famous GTA series, so the parachute was unnecessary.

Many players hated the parachute in the earlier GTA games as they were not able to understand how to use it. But, if you are an avid lover of adventure sports, or you are looking to get 100% completion for GTA 5, parachute jumps are an absolute necessity in the GTA 5.

How To Open Parachute in GTA
How To Open Parachute in GTA

In GTA San Andreas, where can you find parachutes?

The presence of parachutes at the tops of extremely tall structures serves as a warning that “the hell is waiting for you if you leap without me.” Without a parachute, jumping will either cause quick death when you reach the ground or cause Carl to lose up to 95% of his health.

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Location of the Parachutes In GTA

However, you cannot simply stockpile parachutes. One at a time is all Carl can carry, and once used, they vanish. One of the parachutes is at the top of Big Pointy Building, Financial District, in San Fierro and another parachute is on top of the west tower, San Fierro side, Garver Bridge. Likewise, you’ll find more such Parachutes in below locations:

  1. Los Santos
  2. Downtown’s tallest building
  3. San Fierro
  4. Western tower of the Garver Bridge
  5. At the top of the Big Pointy Building, the Financial District
  6. Tierra Robada
  7. On uppermost point of Gant Bridge tower
  8. Whetstone
  9. Between Journey and the Camper on Mount Chiliad’s slope
  10. Bone County
  11. Arco Del Oeste’s summit
  12. The radio tower’s summit near The Big Ear
  13. Las Venturas
  14. Above Emerald Isle Casino

How You Can Use Parachutes in GTA San Andreas?

Here are the controls for opening and using a parachute, depending on which system you are using. If you are jumping from a tall building, then there are three methods for opening the parachute.

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To use a parachute in GTA 5 PS4, just tap on the X button once you are high enough up in the air so that you can pop open your parachute. When you’re ready to open your parachute, press the X (PS3), A (Xbox 360), or left-click (PC).

How To Open Parachute in GTA San Andreas
How To Open Parachute in GTA San Andreas

You control the drop as if you were controlling the character using WASD, and actually, deploy your parachute using your right mouse button. When players get close to the ground, they can press their mouse button to activate the parachute and safely land.

Once you are airborne, click the square button, the parachute automatically deploys, and you are free to enjoy the views. To inactivate a parachute from the inventory and return to falling normally, hit your jump key.

In GTA San Andreas, since parachutes are controlled via scripts, it is possible that the parachutes may malfunction at times. You just have to hit enter on your keyboard, or right-click (also known as fire) on your mouse, to launch a parachute in the GTA San Andreas PC game.

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Since the 1.16 update to Grand Theft Auto Online, which allows players to change the livery of the parachute pouch, the pouches livery changes to that of the United States Flag after the parachute is dropped. Players may use parachute bags to access new and secret areas previously unreachable.

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