How To Spot Ditto in Pokemon Go? Every essential detail

Many trainers find themselves stuck in Special Research as it requires them to ‘Catch a Ditto.’ The Transform Pokemon has multiple disguises in the AR-based game. If that wasn’t enough, Niantic is believed to have reduced the odds of finding a Ditto in the wild, with the current being 2% compared to the 3% at the beginning of 2023.

Ditto can disguise itself as eight different Pokemon as of July 2023. Most of them don’t have any significance in PvP or Raids, making trainers frustrated if they don’t chance upon the shapeshifter and end up piling other ‘mons. Thus, a question that is on everyone’s mind is: how to spot a Ditto in Pokemon Go?

Luckily, we have a few answers to cut down on the frustrating hunts.

A Ditto is difficult to catch with Pokeballs

Not only does Ditto have a low spawn but also it has a low catch rate. Players could use this aspect to their advantage. A Ditto disguised as a Pokemon will be more difficult to capture with normal Pokeballs. For example, if a trainer finds an excellent curveball throw not enough to catch a level 10 Snubull, it might be the shapeshifter Pokemon.

Ditto CP

Supposed way to spot a Ditto in Pokemon Go

While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, another way of spotting a Ditto is by noticing its ‘type’ during a wild encounter. Click on the arrow button on top of the Pokemon during the encounter to check its moves, IV, type, etc. Ditto is a normal-type Pokemon so if a fire-type Litleo appears to be a normal type, there’s obviously something fishy.

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Check the Combat Power

One of the most useful methods to spot a Ditto in Pokemon Go is by closely examining the CP of the ‘mon. The Generation 1 Pokemon is believed to have a lower CP than its disguises. For example, a Ditto above IV 90 disguised as a level 10 Snubull will have around 250 CP although Snubull usually should be around 380 CP at that level. Memorizing the CP for all the eight different disguises and noticing the fluctuations isn’t a simple task though.

pokemon go ditto august 2023
pokemon go ditto august 2023

Ditto doesn’t appear as a Shiny Pokemon

Ditto has 1/64 odds to be Shiny in Pokemon Go. However, Ditto cannot disguise itself as a Shiny Pokemon. A Shiny Corphish won’t be a Shiny Ditto or even a Ditto. To obtain the glowing light-blue colored version of the ‘mon, players just need to capture a normal Ditto and hope that it reveals itself to be a Shiny.

The similarity in place and disguise

If one of your friends in Pokemon Go catches a Ditto in a particular area, there is a chance that it appears on that spot again with the same disguise. The PokeEvolver website constantly updates its map whenever a Ditto is sighted.

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To sum up, the best way to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go is by knowing all its disguises and capturing each of them while keeping in mind the aforementioned points that differentiate it. Use a Lucky Egg to maximize the Stardust gains and Incense and Lures to attract more Pokemon in a certain area during the Ditto hunts.

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