Is Black Desert Support Cross Platform

Black Desert is one of the popular fantasy role-playing online multiplayer games. The game was originally released in December 2014 and it’s almost 9 years since the release the players are looking for new features in the game such as crossplay, cross-save and more.

If you also wondering if Black Desert supports crossplay then you are on lucky today. Here we featured information that covers all about the Black Desert cross-platform. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Is Black Desert Cross Platform
Is Black Desert Cross Platform

Is Black Desert Cross Platform?

Yes the Black Desert supports Cross Platform in 2023 but for the limited platforms. In simple words, until now Black Desert crossplay only supports across the consoles. This means if you playing Black Desert on PlayStation 4 and your friend playing it on Xbox One then you both can play with each other.

However, if you’re playing Black Desert on PC and other players playing it on Mobile then you both cannot able to play with each other.

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Maybe this is because the PC players will get an advantage over the Console player because PC players have a keyboard and mouse and Console players have a Controller and that will unfairly disadvantage the Console players.

Until now developers of Black Desert do not give any official statement if there will be crossplay for PC and Mobile available in future or not. So until now, you need to play Black Desert with a player who owns the same platform as you such as PC To PC and Mobile to Mobile.

But console owners can play Black Desert with each other without having a hassle. Just send the invitation to the different console owners and add them as friends and enjoy the game together.

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