10+ Games Like Death Trash (2024)

Here we have featured some of the games based on the same gameplay as the Death Trash. We have tested these games and found out these games have a lot of common gameplay with Death Trash and hopefully, you find these games more like Death Trash. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the games.

Games Like Death Trash

White Hell

The genre-bending action RPG Death Trash is not without its faults. The game is an RPG, complete with character creation and attribute and skill points. Players can choose to invest their points in standard attributes or skills.

They also gain XP by killing enemies, exploring the world, and completing quests. This game is an excellent example of the genre’s influence on modern games.

Raiders! Forsaken Earth

While the game’s premise is similar to the original, this sequel takes place in the future. Seven months after the actual events, a smallpox epidemic has left the United States in ruin. A civil war breaks out among factions of survivors while gangs of raiders terrorize the capital.

As members of the Strategic Homeland Division, you must restore order and law to the nation’s capital and restore peace.


If you’re looking for a game similar to Death Trash, you’ve come to the right place. Although the game borrows elements from other games, it comes off as its own unique experience. The game has mystery, gore, and challenge elements, all while ensuring that you don’t die.

Walking Zombie 2

If you’re a fan of action CRPGs video games, then Walking Zombie 2 is for you. While this game isn’t for those looking for a light and breezy experience, it offers dozens of quests and weapons.

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The game’s enemies are zombies, and there are many different types to face. The game offers several ways to heal, including food and medkits. There are also plenty of quests to complete to level up your character.

The plot revolves around the character Rick Grimes, who wakes from a coma to discover that zombies have overrun the world. Rick and his group are thrown into a tumultuous situation, fighting the walkers and other groups of survivors.

As the survivors struggle to survive, they must ensure that their town is safe from the walkers and doesn’t get trapped in a deadly game.

Wasteland Raiders

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic RPGs, you may enjoy Wasteland Raiders. This promising early access title is about an outlaw who was cast out of his underground city.

In this game, you play as Kor, an alone outlaw with some gun skills, basic melee skills, and the ability to talk his way out of trouble.

However, before you can fully enjoy Wasteland Raiders, you should be aware of its shortcomings. While the game is largely linear and easy to pick up and play, early on, it is challenging, but it’s never frustrating.

The game’s atmosphere is compelling, and its characters are magnetic. However, it lacks a satisfying storyline. The developers haven’t given the game a firm release date. Instead, the developer hopes to release the game on other platforms in the meantime.

Elmarion: Dragon’s Princess

Elmarion Dragons Princess would be a good choice if you enjoyed the post-apocalyptic action RPG. It has an interesting setting, cyberpunk themes, and Lovecraftian beings. The gameplay is also unique and offers multiple approaches to completing tasks.

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Elmarion: Dragon’s Princess is like Death Trash in many ways, but it’s different. If you like the original game, you’ll enjoy this one.

The Walking Zombie 2

The Walking Zombie 2 is an open-world zombie survival game with a cooperative nature that lets you play against up to four players in cooperative mode. The game features a random character creator, bloody combat, and almost unstoppable zombies when in packs.

There are a few different zombie types to choose from, each with different abilities and traits. This genre-bending game is fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

Dust To The End

In the game, you can use your hammer to stun your enemies. A crossbow deals extra damage to stunned enemies, and axes and rifles do the same. A few other weapons have synergy effects, but you’ll find these differences to be relatively minor.

Humanity has largely fled underground and is slowly crawling back to the surface. However, the recolonized humans have fought each other for resources and territory. Now, they are battling for their survival. To get ahead of the wasteland, you’ll need to trade, barter, and survive.

The Shadow Of Yidhra

There are many ways to compare The Shadow Of Yidhra to Death Trash, but one game stands out above the others. While this action-adventure RPG game is set in an odd post-apocalyptic wasteland, it also has cyberpunk elements, Lovecraftian creatures, and multiple gameplay styles.

A game entering early access has two goals, building up player interest before it officially releases and gathering feedback.

This is the type of game that combines old-school role-playing with action gameplay. The game has a post-apocalyptic setting, and you can choose your character, play through handcrafted environments, and collect items and weapons.

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In Punishing: Gray Raven, you play as the commander of a team of soldiers. The mission is to protect humanity from the self-controlling androids chasing them to the space station Babylonia. Your job as the commander is to rescue humanity and reclaim the lands. It offers a hack and slashes action game with stunning 3D graphics.

After the ‘Punishing Virus’ destroyed the world, the last humans fled to a space station called Babylonia. The commandant of the Gray Raven squad is responsible for assembling of the most advanced cyborg soldiers.

The game will force you to solve mysteries that lie behind the Punishing Virus to survive. You will have to fight against the Corrupted and uncover the truths behind the ‘Virus.’

Cyberpunk 2077

After many years of waiting for the new video game Cyberpunk 2077 to come out, it has finally arrived. Megacorps rule the city from sky-high fortresses, while drug-pushing gangs and dirty-tech hustlers stalk the streets.

A gilded servant class rules the city, and most citizens are disposable. Cyberpunks use cyberware to modify their bodies. The only thing holding society together is the unreality of the human body.

This is all for the Death Trash alternative games for similar content do read our Games Like Guides for more helpful information.

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