Crafting Snail Roll Cake in Lost Ark Guide

Wondering, how to you can craft snail roll cake in Lost Ark. Well, the Lost Ark is a role-playing game and more importantly, the 2.5D Players may access and play Lost Ark online. The game was created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, a unit of Smilegate. In South Korea, it was released in full on December 4, 2019.

The primary plot alone takes, on average, 35 hours and 37 minutes to finish, claims a website. Thus, it will take you around 9 days to complete Lost Ark if you play it for about 4 hours each day.

The Lost Ark is enormous in terms of material, and mastering its complex systems means receiving rewards along the road for a very long period. Currently, after 90 hours, I’ve accomplished about 40% of each zone and have many characters that have advanced to the second tier of endgame stuff.

secret cake recipe lost ark

What is a Snail Roll Cake in Lost Ark?

A roll cake in the shape of a snail with horns. It is famous for its sweet, energizing flavor. No one is certain how it is manufactured, although rumors suggest that they use the mucus of snails discovered in Elzowin’s Shade. Simply right-click for adding to the Adventurer’s Tome.

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One of the easier crafting collectibles to produce in Lost Ark is a snail roll cake. One of the regions won’t be accessible until you have progressed quite a ways in the main Rohendel plot. The Secret Recipe is the feature of this crafting collectible that is the most straightforward to understand.

Materials Required To Make Snail Roll Cake in the Lost Ark?

If you are looking for a secret cake recipe lost ark then first you need to find the ingredients to craft one. Here is a list of all the ingredients for the process of crafting snail roll cake: 

  1. Magik snail (X100)
  2. Magik Albino snail (X1)
  3. Secret cake recipe (X1)
  4. Silver (X3100)

Here is how you can get the Secret cake recipe in the lost ark: Visit Orelda, an NPC in Glass Lotus Lake. Above, her location is shown. Before she reveals to you the Secret Recipe, you must maximize your connection with her. We gave her more gifts till she had received them all. After discovering the secret recipe,

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Here is how you can get the Magik snails in the lost ark: you can locate all the snails in Elzowin’s Shade. After being gathered, snails resurface after a brief interval. Once you’ve gathered 200 snails.

Where can you craft the snail roll cake in the lost ark?

Visit Ailara, an NPC in Rothun, once you’ve completed searching for snails so she may help you build a Magick Albino Snail. For 1,600 Silver, have her create the Magick Albino Snail. Have her assemble the Snail Roll Cake for 3,100 Silver once she is finished. Now proceed by Right-clicking the snail roll cake when you have it to add it to the adventurer’s log.

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