Lost Ark The Sidereals Two Students Hidden Story Guide

Lost Ark The Sidereals Two Students: Lost Ark is every gamer’s dream because of the sheer number of hidden tasks and stories you have to do.

There are a fair amount of stories and hidden missions to complete in Lost Ark that will award stats similar to Bravery and Charm. The Sidereal’s 2 Students is one of the Hidden Stories of The Lost Ark, which players are required to finish.

The Sidereal’s Two Students is divided into two parts, and each requires identifying two objects hidden around the Ark.

Hidden Story requires you to complete the story by discovering different objects throughout the map and finding all objects in the entire collection. The missions are difficult, so players must gear up with a sufficient amount of Lost Ark gold to gain enough XP to finish all missions without any problems.

Sidereals Two Students Lost Ark

They have to fight through three challenging dungeons and two difficult bosses, not to mention the seven hidden stories.

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In this hidden story, you will have to find all three parts, and you will get 10 minutes to find parts two and three each after you finish the first. You should follow along with us through this guide, which will get you through The Lost Ark Two Students’ quest located in Anikka.

The Sidereal’s Two Students Location – Lost Ark

The Sidereal’s two students is a hidden story within the Ark of the Lost, which can best be completed when you are well into Anikka’s main plot of Ark. The mysterious tale is split into two parts, where each of both needs you to classify two objects secreted throughout Anikka.

First Hidden Story:

It would be okay if you steered to the Melody Forest location in the game to find it. Once in Melody Forest, go into Jeok’s Barrier Dungeon.

Sidereals Two Students

You can do this only when you complete a few mine quests available on the continent. Once you head inside, you must continue similarly and finish the dungeon by defeating the final boss.

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You must go through the staircase to reach the peak and then leave to go to another area. Now pass immediately beforehand, and you may see a tree positioned among the stone runes.

Proceed to the vicinity, and you’ll be capable of interacting with the ground. Due to this action, you will have the first page of the quest to collect, and you will get 29 minutes to find parts two and three after you finish the first.

Second Hidden Story

It simply means you will have almost 30 minutes to finish Part Two once you find Part One, so it is strongly recommended that you access the Triport of the Nimbus Caves on Twilight Mists Zone before trying it.

Head northeast of the dungeon to Foul Hollow to discover the following detail of the hidden story. The second portion of this hidden story can be discovered in the Foul Hollow dungeon. You can find this dungeon at the northern edge of the Mists of Twilight.

Sidereals Two Students Lost Ark

You must have completed other mining missions across the continent before you are allowed into this dungeon. When you are there, comply with the four arrows. You will quickly be capable of engaging with an item on the ground. By this, it will praise you with a 2nd page and permit you to finish the hidden story quest.

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