Is Conan Exiles Supports Cross Platform? Answered

Conan Exiles is one of the popular multiplayer survival video games introduced by Funcom. The game adventure starts with Conan the Barbarian which players need to survive in the open world. More importantly, Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer game and players seeking new in-game machines and features such as Crossplay, Cross save and more.

If you’re also wondering if Conan Exiles supports crossplay well here we featured information that covers all about it along with other helpful information. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

is conan exiles cross platform

Is Conan Exiles support Cross Platform?

The anwser is No, Conan Exiles not supports Cross Platform until now at the time of writing. But rumours say Funcom trying to expand its product reach to different platforms using the Cross-Platform.

More importantly, the game has the features such as transferring the saves between different platforms. We can guess soon we can also see the Crossplay feature also in Conan Exiles. However, until then we need to wait for the Funcom announcements to know about it.

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Until then you can play with your friends who own the same platform as you.

Most of the popular video games studio started introducing Cross-Platform to expand their market such as Minecraft is cross-platform and more. This means video game manufacturers are not focusing on covering the leftover gaming community.

So we might guess soon Funcom will also join the party and introduce the Cross-Platform for its games.

In an interview with the Gamingbolt, Funcom’s Joel Bylos announced that “we definitely looking into cross-play for the Conan”

Currently, if you own PlayStation 4 then you can only with friends who own the same game as you mean PS4. Enjoy the gameplay of Conan Exiles until there is some new information coming up from Funcom about the Crossplay for Conan.

This is the sum for the Conan Exiles crossplay guide. Here at the Gameinstants we cover all video games related to information for more helpful content related to the crossplay of different video games do check our Cross-Platform Guides.

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