Elden Ring: What Happens If you killed Varre?

Wondering, What happens if you killed Varre Elden Ring The Elden ring is one of the most played games of recent years most gaming platforms and the websites like IGN have rated the game as an A+ version of all RPG open-world games. Now the question that would arrive in most of our minds would be is Elden ring really as entertaining and thrilling as it sounds?

Well to answer this question of yours we would like to take you through a short description of the popular game. Elden Ring is the next-gen game production that originated from FromSoftware, the makers of the widely praised Souls series, which debuted with Demon’s Souls in 2009 and was followed by the Dark Souls trilogy.

Elden ring is an open-world role-playing campaign set in the Lands Between, a devastated region where the destruction of the eponymous item has resulted in conflicts and turmoil. The game starts with you taking on the role of a warrior entrusted with retrieving the ring and establishing a new empire.

Who is an NPC in Elden ring?

There are many inhabitants in the game itself that the player encounters throughout their adventure in Elden Ring are referred to as NPCs.

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These NPCs are very helpful as they are created with the purpose of frequently providing information that aids players in figuring out what is the next quest in the storyline and solving the hints that are delivered to them by the NPCs.

While some provide quests or are tied to one another in some way, even some NPCs turn out to be the merchants with whom players can exchange Equipment, Magic, and Items in exchange of some inbuilt game assets. These NPCs are deployed for the purpose of aiding the players throughout the game. 

Throughout the game, you will come across a lot of NPCs in Elden ring. There are a lot number of NPCs in Elden ring but some of them are the most important ones that you would not like to skip or eliminate in order to fully complete the game.

killed Varre Elden Ring

Here is a list of all the most important NPCs that are unavoidable in the Elden ring game:


The main motive of Bernahl is to sell you various kinds of ash of war that you can later on use while dealing with a huge wave of enemies. Players can find him in between the Stormhill Shack and Saintsbridge on Limgrave’s northern road.

Kenneth Haight

While you are exploring the roads in the Elden ring then you will come across Kenneth Haight very frequently he is destined to meet the players on the road during the exploration of the land in the Elden ring.

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Renna is a very important non-playable character in the Elden ring as she is the one that gives you the spirit calling bell which is an essential element to call the spirits during any fight or when encountering a huge wave of enemies or even during the boss fight.

Encounter with Renna will lead you to open up a new questline which the players can then follow up to complete the quest of Renna.


Blaid is the wolf man of the Elden ring when the players will encounter him they can expect to start the new side chain of questlines. Moreover, the players are destined to encounter Blaidd in many other scenes of the game where Blaidd will turn out to be a huge advantage for the players as well.


Varre is the first NPC that you would meet at the start of the Elden ring. He is very important if you want to know the best farming methods in Elden ring. Meeting him will lead to starting off his questline in the Elden ring game.

What would happen if you kill Varre in Elden’s ring?

White-Faced Varre is the first NPC that you’ll encounter in Elden Ring game. The players can find him at the first Site of Grace. Interact with him and pay attention to the suggestions he makes. Meeting him lead to the start of his questline. You will have to complete his quest in order to access the best farming methods in the Elden ring.

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There would be a moment during the encounter with Varre where he will call you maidless, this gesture of the NPC might provoke most of the players to kill Varre but if you took the step of provocation then it would not be good for the future progress of the players in Elden ring.

In case you have killed the Varre Elden ring before completing his questline then you would lose your chance of knowing the best farming methods that are available in the Elden ring. Moreover, after killing Varre in Elden’s ring you won’t be able to revive him back and you will be locked out of his quest.

This is the end of this short guide.

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