Elden Ring: What Happens if FIA Doesn’t Die?

Are you stuck on how to finish the Elden Ring Fia quest? You may have encountered the Deathbed Companion in the Roundtable Hold, giving hugs to the bereft and exhausted Tarnished. But there’s a lot more to Fia than meets the eye, and you’ll have to join her on her adventure to find out what it is.

It’s easy to describe what Elden Ring is, but it’s more difficult to express what it’s like to play it. Elden Ring is an open-world action/RPG in general. You build a unique character and then go on an adventure, fighting a range of common enemies and dangerous bosses along the way.

Who is Fia?

Fia is an Elden Ring NPC who works as the Roundtable Hold’s Deathbed Companion and will gladly hug Tarnished if they seek her solace. Hugging her gives the protagonist a Baldachin’s Blessing, which reduces the protagonist’s Vigor by -1 for as long as it’s in their inventory.

Unlike most power-hungry individuals in Elden Ring, Fia is one of the few who uses the power she gains to defend the people she cares about rather than becoming Elden Lord herself. “I intended to be a mother to Those Who Live in Death,” she says when explaining her decision to become Godwyn’s Companion.

However, the extent of Fia’s abilities and goals remains a secret. Her skill as a Deathbed Companion appears to be restricted to bestowing the Baldachin’s Blessing to champions, which increases physical damage negation and raises poise at the cost of a small amount of HP.

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Fia’s friendship with Sorcerer Rogier, a Death Rune student, reveals that there is more to her than meets the eye. When Fia requests that the Tarnished talk with the sorcerer regarding Black Knifeprints, she admits that she is not only interested in the murder of Godwyn the Golden, but also in sleeping with other Tarnished and gaining their strength.

what happens if fia doesnt die

How To Complete Fia’s Quest?

If you wish to complete the Fia’s quest in the Elden ring game. Don’t be puzzled here we have a step-by-step guide to complete Fia’s quest. Just follow the steps and you will be able to complete the quest.

1. You may return to Fia and embrace her after resting at a Site of Grace on the Altus Plateau to receive an additional line of dialogue during which she will gift you a Weathered Dagger. You can give the knife to D, Hunter of the Dead in the Roundtable Hold, which will start the next part of the quest.

2. Discuss Rogier’s interest in the black knives with him. If you speak with Fia, she will give you a basic map that shows the location of a Black Knifepoint.

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3. Reloading the region after this section will cause Fia to arrive in a freshly opened room near the blacksmith, after which she will vanish.

4. You must next travel to the highest point in Deeproot Depths, where you must climb the tree branches near Godwyn’s corpse offshoot. She may be seen sitting in the rear of the arena after a boss fight. When you speak with her and tell her you to want to be embraced, she will urge you to discover the Cursemark of Death, which you will receive when completing Ranni’s mission.

5. Returning the Cursemark of Death will almost complete her task. She will grant the player a Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing if you give it to her. If you finish her dialogue, she’ll fall asleep when you reload the environment. Examining her will allow you to enter the Deathbed Dream, where you will face Lichdragon Fortissax.

6. If you win this battle, you’ll be able to receive the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which will unlock an alternate ending.

7. You may offer D’s brother (NPC sitting on the floor past the hallway to the southeast of the Valiant Gargoyle boss’ grace location “Great Waterfall Basin”) the Twinned armor set after obtaining the rune. You’ll discover Fia’s Set next to her when you return, and if you reload the location, D’s brother will leave the Twinned Set and the Inseparable Sword you gave him behind. You’ll also obtain the armor set and the sword if you kill D’s sibling.

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8. By killing D in his initial location, obtaining his armor, and handing it to his brother early, you can avoid this sequence. He may be attacked after reloading the area.

Note: You cannot start Fia’s questline after killing Maliketh.

What happens if Fia doesn’t die?

Now there would be a very obvious question among people what happens if Fia doesn’t die? You will be amazed to know that in the first place you don’t have to kill Fia. Even if you do so then you will lose your chance of fighting the boss that can change the story ending in the Elden ring.

This is the end of this short guide.

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