Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid: Counters, weaknesses, and more

Primal Kyogre will be part of the Tier 5 Pokemon Go Raids along with its nemesis, Primal Groudon. Boasting a max CP of 4692 in its normal form, the Sea Basin Pokemon can shower an unrelenting water-type assault from Waterfall and Surf in the Master League. It is a mandatory capture for any trainer, be it for the PvP scenes or for Gym Battles.

As part of the celebration of the Global Go Fest 2023, Primal Kyogre will be in 5-Star Raids beginning at 10 AM LT on August 23 and ending at 10 AM LT on August 26. It will be available in rotation with Groudon during the Raid Hours – 6 PM to 7 PM LT. Mega Salamence will be available in the 6-star bracket.

Here is everything to know about Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid.

Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid Boss CP and Moveset

With a Combat Power of 92,860, Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre will take a minimum party of seven trainers to be defeated. It is weak to Electric-type and Grass-type Pokemon. When defeated, trainers will have a special encounter with Kyogre in the CP range:

  • Level 20 without weather boost – 2260 to 2351 CP
  • Level 25 with Rainy weather boost â€“ 2825 to 2939 CP
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Shiny Primal Kyogre will also be available and has a drop rate of 5%. It has a distinct violet-colored body compared to the original blue whale-type Kyogre, making it the perfect catch for Shiny hunters.

Pokemon Go’s Primal Kyogre has a fixed Waterfall Fast Move. Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Thunder, and Surf are its Charged Moves. Origin Pulse can be obtained via Elite Charged TM and it is the most-used charge attack alongside Surf.

Primal Kyogre counters in Pokemon Go

Primal Kyogre takes 2X Super Effective damage from electric-type and grass-type attacks. The Tier 5 Raid Boss can be countered by the following Pokemon and their recommended moveset:-

  • Mega Sceptile: Bullet Seed and Frenzy Plant
  • Mega Venusaur: Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant
  • Mewto: Psycho Cut and Thunderbolt
  • Zapdos: Thundershock and Thunderbolt
  • Mega Manetric: Thunder Fang and Wild Charge

Trainers need 400 Primal Energy to unlock the Primal Reversion of Kyogre. These can be obtained from a minimum of three Raids, depending on how fast trainers can defeat the legendary beast.

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