Lost Ark Farm Excavation Guide (Explained)

Lost Ark Farm Excavation: So you wanna level up faster and in an efficient way in the Lost Ark, well then you are at the right place but first, For those of you who do not know what the Lost Ark is. Lost Ark is an online massively multiplayer role-playing game. It is a top-down 2.5d fantasy game.

Lost Ark : Overview

Lost ark is developed by smilegate, tripod studio, smilegate entertainment, and smilegate RPG, inc. It was firstly released on December 4 2019 in the South Korea region and then later on in other countries.

Lost Ark took over other games as soon as it was released, reaching the peak concurrent player of more than 1 million. And what makes it so special is its excellent features and a vast world for players to explore and not forget that it is free to play.

Now you must know how to level up in this game. There are several ways by exploring, and fighting enemies but there is a better way for Lost Ark players to level up faster without putting much effort, and that is Trading skills.

What are Trading Skills in Lost Ark

Trading skills is a crucial part of lost ark as it helps players to grind and hustle even when they dont want to fight. Trading skills allow players to gather useful resources which can be used in crafting. Trading skills are some professions a player can do to earn a reward. There are six trade skills a player can acquire and they are as follows:

  • Foraging
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Excavating
  • Fishing
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Although each and every trade skill has its own pros and cons. Each trade skill is levelled up individually and does not depends on the other trade skills. Different tools are required for different trade skills and you need to obtain these tools.

You can obtain these tools from crafting, or doing quests, you can even purchase them from vendors. But these tools also have durability which means their durability will deplete as you use them.

And each trade skills have mastery skills of its own, which will level up when you use the trade skill. Now you know what are trading skills, it’s time to go for the best and fastest trading skill, which will help you level up in no time.

Lost Ark Farm Excavation

What is Farm Excavation in Lost Ark

As you have to level up trade skills as well, it is important to level up the trade skill which will help you the most, is most profitable and takes less time. And the skill we are talking about is excavating. It is undoubtedly the most profitable trade skill among all 6.

It allows players to dig up relics and materials and sell them or create treasure maps, where you can find very valuable rewards. These rewards can be sold or can be used by players for themselves. Now you should know how to use it properly and benefit from it as much as possible.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions.

Which is the best Trading Skill

Well first get the special excavating tools required for excavating trade skill. These tools need to be crafted by you. So you need a crafting recipe which needs to be bought. Once you have the crafting recipe, you can head to the workshop and craft tools required for excavating trade skill.

What are milestones for excavating

Each and every trade skill has a milestone skill, when you reach a certain level, it unlocks the milestone skill. These milestone skills provide an advantage while doing that skill. Now let us know about different milestone skills that can be unlocked in excavating.

1. Sonar – sonar skill is available at level 1, which sonar skill you can locate relics and materials using sonar. This sonar beeps as you move closer to relics, so the closer you get to relic the more it will beep.

2. Relic search – This skill is also available with sonar, it helps sonar skill as when you get near the relic and sonar beeps very rapidly and turns purpel. Relic search can be used to find out nearby relics.

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 3. Loot Hunter – This skill helps you dig up treasure while you are excavating. It unlocks at level          10

4. Excavation – This skill unlocks when you reach level 20. This skill stacks up each time you do a successful excavation and increases speed to 5%, after 5 stacks its speed increases up to 25% and makes you much faster, and also a mini game starts after 5 stacks.

5. Sniffer Dog – This skill is the last milestone skill and it unlocks at level 30. It summons a sniffer dog that finds hidden relics, it also increases the drop rate of rare items. This skill can be used every 5 minutes and lasts for 180 seconds.

We will recommend, levelling it up to at least 20.

What are the best location of excavating locations?

The best excavating locations are Tikatika Colony, Azure Wind Island, Secret Forest, Feiton Arthetine: Arid, Path Now have a great time playing the game.

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