How To Craft Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft

Here we featured a guide on how to craft Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft. There are lots of items that you can craft in Minecraft and when it’s coming to mining the most important that you need is Pickaxe. The Diamond Pickaxe is one of the most durable pickaxes in the game but it’s not fast as the gold pickaxe.

How Do I Craft A Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft
How Do I Craft A Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft

How To Craft Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft

To craft Diamond Pickaxe, first of all, you need to gather certain items that we have mentioned below.

Following are the items you need to craft Pickaxe in Minecraft.

  1. Crafting Table.
  2. 2x Wooden Sticks
  3. 3x Diamonds

You can find Diamonds anywhere beneath layer 16 make sure to use the Iron Pickaxe to mine diamonds. To get Wooden Sticks you need to use the Crafting table in a 2×2 grid and place two wooden blocks in a column to get the Wooden Sticks.

Once you have all the items that require to craft the Diamond Pickaxe follow the below-mentioned step-by-step instructions.

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1. Open the Crafting Table that has a 3×3 gird as shown in the below image.

crafting diamond pickaxe in minecraft

2. Place 3 Diamonds on the top row of the grid.

3. Place 2 Wooden Sticks under the middle diamond making a “T”.

Once you place all the items correctly you will get the Diamond Pickaxe and move it to your inventory. You can use Diamond Pickaxe for mining Obsidian and Ancient Debris in the Nether.

This is the end of the Diamond Pickaxe crafting guide for similar content do read our Minecraft Guide.

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