Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin Switch Cheat 

Wings of Ruin is a role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. It is the sequel to Monster Hunter Stories. The gameplay has been revamped from its predecessor, emphasizing aerial combat and cooperative play.

The player must hunt monsters and gather materials to craft weapons and armour as they progress through the game’s story. In this article, we’ll help you with MHS 2 cheats and all the secret tricks such as attack-type counters and some weaknesses that you can use in the game to master combat. 

Monster Hunter Stories 2 (Wings of Ruin): Overview 

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin is the second game in the series. It has been released on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4.

The game is set in a world where humans and monsters coexist. It is an action role-playing game set in the Monster Hunter world. This instalment features a new story and a new protagonist, Red, who must face off against Rathalos, “Razewing Ratha.” 

It is the sequel to “Monster Hunter Stories,” released in 2015. The game is set in a world where the monsters have been freed from their slumber and are wreaking havoc on the land. The game follows Red, a young man who dreams of becoming a hunter and protecting the people of his village.

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One day, he finds himself in an unfamiliar town with no memory of how he got there or what happened to his family. He meets Rathalos, who tells him that he has been chosen as one of her guardians for this new world order and will be able to help him find his way back home. 

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats, Secrets, and Hints 

MHS 2 is a game that has no cheats that you will use to improve your gameplay. Some players may be tempted to use cheats or hacks to gain an advantage in the game, but this is strongly discouraged by Capcom. So, it’ll be better to avoid using any of them.

There are many different attacks, and they’re not just limited to the primary weapon you have equipped. You can also use your skills and weapons to get the upper hand on your enemies. 

Also, it has a multiplayer mode for co-op and versus, which means that using external cheats or hacks will affect your account. Monster Hunter Stories 2’s multiplayer mode is an excellent way for friends who live far away from one another to play together without worrying about time zones or busy schedules getting in the way of their gaming time.

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However, if you’re playing solo, it might get frustrating when your opponent constantly kills you or they steal your items! 

As Monster Hunter Stories 2 is an Adventure Role-Playing Game that takes place in a fantasy world where humans and monsters live together in peace, it has an exciting story with many twists and turns that keep players engaged throughout the game.

Also, we’ve created below a decent list of Monster Hunter Stories 2 attack types, its counters, and all the corresponding weaknesses to help you out by using them to win in battles. 

Also, the game features three attack types: Power, Speed, and Technical. 

  • Power beats Technical. 
  • Technical beats Speed. 
  • Speed beats Power 

How to Fly in Monster Hunter Stories 2? 

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, players can fly if they get a mount. In this game, various mounts can help you in your journey. One of the mounts that you can use is a Monstie. You need to find it and tap on it to ride it. The Monstie is a fly mount, so you don’t need to use cheats or walk around with your feet on the ground. Tap on it, and you’ll be flying in no time!

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The player can use their wings to fly in Monster Hunter Stories 2 by pressing the “A” button. To mount a Monstie, the player must press “X” while riding on one of them. So, players can fly and mount monsters by mounting a monster and flying with it. 

MHS 2 Monster Attack Types, Counter and Weakness Chart 

Look at this chart below, which includes Monsters, their attack types, their counters, and all the weaknesses in Monster Hunter Stories 2. 

MonsterAttack TypeCounterWeakness
Ash Kecha WachaTechnicalPowerBlunt
Black DiablosPowerSpeedPiercing
Blue Yian Kut-KuTechnicalPowerPiercing
Brute TigrexTechnicalPowerSlash
Daimyo HermitaurTechnicalPowerPiercing
Great BaggiSpeedTechnicalPiercing
Great JaggiTechnicalPowerSlash
Green NargacugaSpeedTechnicalSlash
Jade BarrothPowerSpeedSlash
Kecha WachaSpeedTechnicalSlash
Kula-Ya-KuTechnicalPowerSlash, Blunt
LagiacrusPowerSpeedSlash, Blunt
LagombiSpeedTechnicalSlash, Blunt
PaolumuTechnicalPowerBlunt, Piercing
Plum Daimyo HermitaurTechnicalPowerSlash
Purple GypcerosTechnicalPowerBlunt, Slash
Purple LudrothPowerSpeedBlunt, Slash
Pukei-PukeiTechnicalPowerBlunt, Slash
QurupecoTechnicalPowerBlunt, Slash
RathianSpeedTechnicalBlunt, Slash
Red KhezuTechnicalTechnicalPiercing
Royal LudrothPowerSpeedPiercing
Ruby BasariosTechnicalPowerPiercing
Seltas/Seltas QueenTechnicalPowerPiercing
Yian GarugaTechnicalPowerSlash
Yian Kut-KuTechnicalPowerPiercing

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