Elden Ring Lightning Spells List, Location, Effect (June 2022)

Elden Ring Lightning Spells: As a user or a player of Elden Ring, you may know that or you may aware that there are many lightning spells in Elden Ring game.

The lightning spells may attract you you may feel this as an incantation. You can use these lightning spells as to give an impact or you can allow this thesis lightning spell to point out the moment when you can hit or may attack your multiple opponents at one time.

If you use these lightning spells in Elden ring then you can see that the effect of the lightning spells or the light which is coming out through the lightning spell will spread around you and your all opponents and as well as the whole surrounding will be filled with the rays or the lights which are coming through the lightning spell in Elden ring.

One of your great opponents or your main challenger will be the Ancestors which is the part if the modern Dragons. The modern Dragon will appear in front of you having the weapons of Gravel Stones and the wielded lightning weapons.

In a tale, it s said that once upon a time the modern Dragon was attacked the Lyndell in the Royal Capital area. Then after knowing this you may assume that or you may imagine how much power the modern Dragon has by having the help of his Gravel stone weapons and the lightning weapons.

Elden Ring Lightning Spells

Lightning Spells Location in Elden Ring

So here is a description of the lightning spells location or in which places the lightning spell may be situated:


A teardrop scarab was dropped in the minor erdtree and it can be found in the crevasse areas on the east side of the area situated on the peninsula. The dropped teardrop scarab can be found on the south side of the crevasse.

There you will find some safe cliffsides which you can use to defend yourself. The crevasse will be surrounded by giant bats who may harm you with their power and can be able to beat you at any time for your carelessness. There you can also find the stone platforms on the south side of the place peninsula.

After defending yourself from the giant bats you have moved on to another place. For help, you may check out the Elden Ring map that has been provided to you for your safety purposes.

How you can get the Lightning Spells in Elden Ring

So as came to know about the effects and the location where you find the lightning spells now you may have the question or the quarry that how you can get the lightning spells in Elden ring for the lightning impacts. So here it is. You may check it out.

For getting the lightning spells in Elden ring game you have to purchase them. You have to purchase the lightning spells from the brother Corhyn. You may know brother Corhyn as the name of Miriel in the Elden Ring game.

There in Elden Ring game, a Leyndell knight will keep doing its patrolling on the south side of Artist’s Shack. The Leyndell will drop a cult prayerbook. From this prayer book, you get the lightning spell in the Elden Ring game.

For using the lightning spells in the Elden Ring you may have to follow some guidelines or some rules otherwise it may cause some difficulties in your way of gaming. So you can get some ideas through these guidelines while using the lightning spells in Elden Ring game.

How to use the lightning spells in Elden Ring game?

There is a brief description of the guidelines to use the lightning spells in Elden Ring game in the STAMINA COST: 28 which you may follow.

When you are using these lightning spells while attacking multiple opponents then it may help you to analyze the points of attacking the opponents by showing lights.

It will help you to make a proper hit or a successful attack against multiple opponents in the Elden Ring game. Show you have to make a proper analysis of the multiple opponents otherwise it may fail to give a great impact on your attacking.

If you have a single lightning spell in Elden Ring game then it may cause some changes. You may have to charge a small AOE in the single lightning spell in the Elden Ring game. So you have to be very careful while attacking multiple opponents when you have the single lightning spell in the Elden Ring game.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Elden Ring Lighting Spells with complete information.

Are there lightning spells in Elden Ring?

Lightning Strike is an Elden Ring Incantation. The Lightning Strike spell summons a bolt of lightning that expands out at the point of impact, allowing it to strike numerous enemies at once. One of the ancient dragon cult’s incantations in the capitol.

Where is the best lightning spell for Elden Ring?

Open the chest found near the wall in the Stormcaller Church. The right-hand weapon is enchanted to boost Lightning Damage. Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows, can sell it to you. Two crimson lightning spears are summoned and stab adversaries from above.

How do you get lightning powers in Elden Ring?

Okay, so the skills that you unlock with the dragon cult prayer book are extremely strong incantations that can be used to summon lightning and throw lightning spears.

What buffs lightning damage Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s Lightning Scorpion Charm is a Talisman. The Lightning Scorpion Charm enhances Lightning Damage by 12% while increasing Physical Damage by 10%. Talismans can be used to increase a variety of stats in Elden Ring.

This is the end of this short guide.

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