COD Mobile: How To Get Mythic Weapons

CoD: Mobile, released in October 2019 for Android and iOS, has gained immense popularity among gamers.

While much attention is focused on the console version’s Warzone gameplay, CoD: Mobile continues to provide a captivating gaming experience with its additional guns, skins, and various gameplay modes like zombies and battle royale.

In this article, we will explore how to unlock and acquire Mythic weapons in CoD: Mobile.

What are Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile

Introduced in November 2020, Mythic weapons in CoD: Mobile represents a tier higher than Legendary. However, it’s important to note that Mythic weapons are not a distinct type of weapon, but rather super rare skins that can be applied to existing guns.

These skins often come with unique animations and designs, making them highly sought after by players. Similar to Diamond Skins, Mythic weapons focus primarily on cosmetic enhancements.

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How to Unlock Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile?

Unlocking Mythic weapon skins in CoD: Mobile can be a challenging task. Currently, there are two primary methods to obtain Mythic skins.

how to get mythic weapons in cod mobile
Image via Reddit (r/CallofDutyMobile)

Mythic Drop Crates

CoD Mobile occasionally offers Mythic lucky draws, where players can use CoD points (purchasable with real money) to participate. Following are the prices of the Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile.

  • 1st Draw – 20 CP
  • 2nd Draw – 50 CP
  • 3rd Draw – 80 CP
  • 4th Draw – 150 CP
  • 5th Draw – 280 CP
  • 6th Draw – 450 CP
  • 7th Draw – 700 CP
  • 8th Draw – 1,000 CP
  • 9th Draw – 1,800 CP
  • 10th Draw – 3,500 CP

By participating in these lucky draws, players have a chance to obtain Mythic weapon skins. More importantly, the 10th draw has guaranteed to obtain the featured Mythic Weapon through out the drop crate.

Keep an eye out for these events in the game and consider investing in CoD points if you’re interested in acquiring Mythic skins.

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Google Rewards

Another alternative to unlocking Mythic weapon skins is through the Google Rewards system. Google Rewards allows users to earn real cash by completing surveys and questionnaires.

Once you accumulate enough funds, you can use them to purchase CoD points and participate in Mythic skin lucky draws. Take advantage of this option if you prefer not to spend real money on in-game purchases.

Why Mythic weapons?

It’s essential to understand that Mythic weapons do not offer any additional competitive advantages in CoD: Mobile. Instead, they are purely cosmetic and serve as a way to showcase your personal style and uniqueness on the battlefield.

While they don’t impact gameplay, Mythic skins are considered the most elite skins in the game due to their intricate details and moving patterns. So, while you don’t necessarily need Mythic weapon skins, they can undoubtedly enhance your visual presence in the game.


In conclusion, Mythic weapons in CoD Mobile offer players an opportunity to personalize their gameplay experience with unique and visually stunning weapon skins. While they don’t provide any competitive advantages, they add a touch of exclusivity to your character.

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If you’re interested in unlocking Mythic weapon skins, keep an eye out for Mythic lucky draw events in the game or consider utilizing the Google Rewards system to earn cash for CoD points.

This is all for how to get Mythic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile for more similar content do check our COD Mobile guides section.

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