COD Mobile: All High Tier Loot Zone?

Are you ready to jump into the intense battlegrounds of COD Mobile and dominate your opponents? If so, then knowing where to find high-tier loot is crucial for your success.

In this article, we will guide you through the best looting areas in COD Mobile, ensuring that you start the match with top-notch weapons and equipment. Let’s explore the map and uncover the zones that offer the best chances of obtaining high-tier items.

Importance of High-Tier Loot

In the intense and fast-paced world of COD Mobile, having access to high-tier loot can significantly increase your chances of success.

These superior weapons and equipment provide better damage, accuracy, and utility, giving you an edge over your opponents. By securing high-tier loot early in the game, you can establish dominance and be better prepared for the battles ahead.

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Where Are High-Tier Loot Zone in COD Mobile?

COD Mobile Loot Zone

Firing Range: A Hot Zone for Intense Battles

The Firing Range is a central zone on the Blackout map, offering a plethora of loot. This area is packed with buildings, crates, and even a lookout tower, making it a prime location for high-tier weapons.

However, due to its popularity, expect to encounter fierce opposition. Exercise caution as you navigate through this zone, and be ready for intense encounters with other players.

Cargo Docks: Navigating Through Open Spaces

The Cargo Docks provide an open space with numerous shipping containers, attracting long-range specialists such as marksmen and snipers.

While you can find great loot in this area, remain vigilant as enemies may take advantage of the open terrain. Make strategic use of cover and be prepared for long-range engagements.

Factory: Equipping Yourself in the Southeast

Although the Factory is the smallest area among the three, it is often overlooked by most players due to its location in the far southeast region of the map.

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This relative seclusion makes it an excellent spot to equip yourself with high-tier loot before venturing toward the central zones. With various buildings offering loot of different sizes, you can gear up and prepare for the battles to come.


In the realm of COD Mobile, securing high-tier loot can make a significant difference in your gameplay.

The Firing Range, Cargo Docks, and Factory stand out as prime areas where you can find top-quality weapons and equipment. Remember to approach these zones with caution, adapt your strategies accordingly, and maintain situational awareness.

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