New World Resource & Interactive Maps Guide

The map plays an important role when you’re playing MMO games such as New World. In this game, you can explore multiple locations and that we hard if you don’t have full knowledge of the map. Because knowing the correct locations such as Iron Mining or Fishing hotspots in the New World is confusing.

Here we have shared all the New World interactive maps and resources. There are three maps in New World that are as follows.

  • Official New World Map
  • Mapgenie
  • New World-Map

All Interactive Resource Maps For New World

Currently, there are three new world maps were available that players can access within the New World video game. Following are the New World Interactive Maps.

Official New World Map

new world interactive map

The Official New World Map is way too different compared to the other two maps of New World. Because in this map you can easily able to explore by simply hovering the mouse over the map and easily uncover any regions that you want to explore. Moreover, unlike the other two maps, this map does not have detailed filters and that makes this map more helpful with the game.

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In this map, you can explore regions better because some of the regions also have banners and glowing locations or areas that you can clearly able to view on the map.

New World-Map : Full Interactive Map

The New World-Map contains all important detailed filters and players can easily able to access filters in this map without having a hassle.

Basically, this map like similar to the Genie map which aims to uncover all the key aspects and locations or landmarks of the map along with the resources including (minerals, woods, fishing, essences, and many more). But we don’t think this map has more detailed information when compared to MapGenie.

Following are the useful filters in the New World-map that you can use. Cities and Others, Ores, Plants, Wood, Essences, Chests, Monsters, Documents, Fishing, NPC, Points of interest and Areas.

Mapgenie  – New World Resource Map

The MapGenie is one of the best maps in the entire New World video game and it’s similar to the New World-Map but the Mapgenie has more detailed information along with the key points and landmarks including the helpful resources within the game.

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Basically, this map has complete breakdown information of all the resources that you can able to discover in the New World game. So we can simply say that we can easily able to locate anything that is available in the game without having a hassle.

These are the following things that you can able discover in the Magpie – (Locations, Woods, Enemies, Loots, Services, Animals, Minerals, Motes, Resouces, Quests, Collections and much more)

Well, that is not the end of it, you can also explore the parts of the territory on different maps. Moreover, this map also has a new feature that allows you to add custom locations within the map and track your custom location much more.

This is the end of this guide on New World Interactive Resouce Maps for more similar articles read our New World Guides such as how to void metal in the new world and more.

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