New World Void Metal: Location, How to get

Void metal can be found in the game, New World. Void metal is a rare but valuable resource in the world of New World. The material was mined from deep within the earth and has been heavily sought after ever since it was first discovered.

In-game, void metal is used to create high-end armour, weapons, and items to make your character more powerful. However, due to its rarity and scarcity, it’s very difficult to find in-game.

It can be used to craft weapons, armour and other items. Players can mine or buy Void Metal from NPCs in New World. They can use Void Metal to craft weapons, armour and other items. So, in this article, we’ll tell you more about Void Metal and how you can get it.

new world void metal

What is Void Metal Location in New World?

New World Void Metal is also Tier 3 metal, so you need to improve your mining skills quite a bit before you have even a shot at landing Void Metal.

You can obtain Void Metal from any of the iron veins of New World, but the drop rate is extremely low. Some Void Metal is also obtainable from things such as Supply Chests, Supply Chests, Ancient Urns, and Ancient Koffers, with a very small chance.

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Finding Void Metal from containers, or mining it from the iron veins, is extremely difficult unless you have some luck-boosting perks on your gear, or you have eaten luck-boosting consumables beforehand. 

As far as where you can find the Orichalcum veins to begin the process of getting Void Ore, you can begin searching at the Grand Cleave, the Ebon scale Reach, or Broken Mountain, as long as you are at high enough levels.

To begin with, you can only obtain Void ore either from mining Orichalcum veins in the New World or purchasing them at town merchants.

Below, players can learn exactly how to locate Void ore in New World, so that you can start the process of crafting your own set of Void bentarmour.

To obtain a piece of Void metal in New World, you will have to either mine the iron veins, tundra elementals, mountain elementals, or a corrupted orichalcum peak.

How to Get Void Metal in New World?

You want to get a mining pick with luck perks so that you are most likely to get a piece of this valuable Voidmetal. Fortunately, you can increase the luck on mining in the New World, which increases the chances you get the drop of Void Ore.

To gather Void Ore, grab your pickaxe and prepare to put in a good number of hours of digging through the Orichalcum veins, hoping that you will be lucky enough to receive a Void Ore drop, since the drop rate for rare resources like this is dependent on a person’s mining luck.

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Now that you have maxed your Mining Luck to the extent possible, it is time to head off in search of Orichalcum Veins:

This is the kind of vein from which Void Ore is the rarest of drops. Mining Iron Veins is one of the ways you can get Void Metal, they are the most common nodes that you will find across the map. New World Void Metal is like Fae Iron, it has a lower chance to occur when mining iron ore veins.

The easiest way to find the rare tier three Voidmetal is in rare drops from the iron ore deposits. Void Metal is a level III material, so not just any lower-level schlub will get to have a shot at mining Void Metal.

To improve the chances of getting Voidmetal, be sure to increase mining levels to fairly high levels, consume mining products, and set up mining routes to access as many iron veins as possible.

Even then, you will want to equip the Mining Luck Charms and have the Potato Family Eat meals to improve your chances of finding New World Void Metal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I get Void Metal?

When you harvest iron ore veins, Void Metal—which is comparable to Fae Iron—rarely appears. Iron veins abound in the New World, but Void Metal is incredibly scarce. You’ll need to improve your mining abilities a little bit before you have a chance to find Void Metal because it is a tier-three metal.

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What level do you mine for Void Metal?

In their respective skill areas, all of them are level 75 or higher, so be careful to level up as you go.

How do you get Metal in the New World?

You don’t need to be in a specific region in New World to acquire iron ore because iron veins are dispersed over the landscape. Simply locate a region that is exceptionally rocky, such as a mountain, then have a look about to identify iron ore veins. You should soon come across a vein of iron where you can mine for iron ore.

What is Void Metal in New World?

A tier III Ingot in New World is void metal. Weapon smithing, engineering, and arcana formulas all need for void metal. The majority of the time, specific Tools can be used to collect materials in the wilderness.

How do you get the void ore in the New World?

Orichalcum Veins in the New World are where void ore is harvested. As long as you have a high mining luck rating, there is a very slim possibility that you will find Void Ore while mining these veins.

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