Lost Ark: Crook Catcher Quest Guide (2024)

This is our Lost Ark quest Crookcatchers Walkthrough, now you know how to locate Runaways Island and get an island token. Once you have found Runaways Island and docked successfully.

It is time to get into the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest. After successfully trapping the three Crooks, you will have completed Crook Catcher once the quest is turned in.

The Daily Crook Catcher Quest requires moving across the map, this time, there is a tight range between all of the crooks, and you will not need to worry much about finding where they are. .

Crook Catcher is one of the jobs from the Unas that are available to you once you have reached level 50 and unlocked weekly missions from the Roster.

crookcatcher lost ark

Crook Catcher Daily Quest – Lost Ark

There is entire of 3 crooks who need to be caught.

1-The Lockpicker

2-The Prisoner Ransomer

3-Noble Impersonator

These locations are slightly randomized every time you complete the mission, but three of the island criminals will always be located in the west, east, and center areas of Runaways Island.

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Once you have found the three criminals that you need to capture, talk with Knight Rembrandt to finish the quest and get your reward.

After you have completed the quest multiple times, you also get the Runaways Island token, which can be traded on the island of Oeher, the Lonely. The Daily Quest on this island involves finding three types of individuals on the island, which may show up at fixed spawn locations.

The Lockpicker Location

The Lockpicker is positioned on a rooftop proper inside the center of the map, you’ll have arrows which you could pick and soar onto the building, even though the crook will now no longer be where you need to wait some seconds for him to reveal up.

That is only troubling in the sport for a few reasons. Once he suggests up simply pick him up and head to the alternative two.

The Prisoner Ransomer location

This fella has positioned a piece north from the residence in which the lock picker was. Around him, there must be NPCs who may be having a conversation. Move around them a touch bit till the Prisoner Ransomer indicates up and seizes him.

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The Noble Impersonator Location

Noble Impersonator Location the Noble Impersonator is located west of the building that houses The Picker. The Lockpicker is placed at the roof at once withinside the center of the map, you’ll have Arrows that you may pick out and hop as much as the building, aleven though.

The Criminal will now no longer be there, you need to look ahead to him to seem some seconds Once you get on top of the building, wait for some time, because it takes some time for the lockpicker to appear.

It will begin within a couple of minutes after the Island has appeared, so you will have time to find a place and grab a few mokoko seeds before starting her.

Where Is Runaway Island?

Runaway Island is located in a relatively quiet area of the ocean, so finding it should not be too hard, although you will first need to access the ship from Lost Ark. Runaway Island is located towards the northeastern corner of the world map, sitting directly over the continent of Arthetine, just to the east of Opportunity Isle.

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Wayward Wolf’s quest Location Nova – Lost Ark To find Nova without having to fight, simply go to the east edge of the map on an island, where you will find Nova and some women. You will find three Criminals that you need to capture on Runaways Island, located just north of Arthetine and the Misty Rain Marina.

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