What Happen To Seluvis & Why Is Seluvis Dead Edlen Ring?

It is quite interesting that the Elden ring has many NPCs that make the game more exciting. The characters of some of the NPC or the Non-playable characters are so supportive.

Whereas there are also some NPCs whose character is designed to annoy or puzzle the players, one of the NPCs that stands out in the category of annoying or puzzled ones is Seluvis.

There are many cutscenes in which Seluvis appears and when the players interact with Seluvis his questline begins to unfold, however, there is not much that the Elden ring creators have put on the back story or the character story arc of Seluvis but in order to complete the game, the players are required to complete his questline in the Elden ring.

There are obvious reasons why the players don’t want to complete their quest and help them out in their quest. But in case you wish to complete the game you have to complete his questline along with the questline of other NPCs as well.

How To Complete Seluvis’s Questline?

Seluivs is one of the NPC among the several kinds of NPC (Non-playable characters) that you will encounter during your journey in the Elden ring, also like all the other NPCs in the Elden ring.

Seluvis has his questline as well that the players can complete in order to finish the game completely. Now if you wish to complete his questline here is how you can do it:

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After unlocking the three sisters in the northwest Liurnia try accessing other towers as well with the purpose of unlocking Seluvis’s tower, but remember you can only start Sluvis’s questline after you have started the Ranni’s questline.

Now speak with Seluvis in his tower, now Seluvis would offer you that he can teach you sorcery, but only if you complete a mission for him first. Even if you try to talk to him. Seluvis will straight away deny talking until you confirm the completion of his quest.

He will ask you to take a potion and send it to Nepheli Loux as a part of the demand for teaching you sorcery, thereby connecting Seluvis’s and Nepheli Loux’s questlines.

Nepheli Loux can be found in either the Roundtable Hold or the Village of the Albinaurics. You’ll be given discussion choices concerning the potion at the Roundtable Hold.

When you will start out to complete the task of delivering the potion you’ll find that the theNepheli will be unhappy and will be below, near the Imp Statue Seals. You have the option of giving her the potion or going upstairs to talk with Gideon.

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You can inform Gideon about the potion if you walk upstairs and chat with him. You may then give it to him to dispose of it, or you can keep it and give it to Nepheli. If you opt to have him dispose of it, he will instruct you to continue to tell Seluvis that you gave Nepheli the potion in order to deceive him.

seluvis dead elden ring

Seluvis would pretend you’re working together with Nepheli since he thinks you gave the potion to Nepheli, and he’ll give you the choice of two unique summonable ashes: Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet or Jarwright Puppet. If you truly administered the potion to Nepheli, you’ll have a third choice – Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet – to pick from.

Once you have completed the Ranni’s quest and when you will return to the tower of Sleuvis you would find that the Seluvis is dead Elden ring. This seems one of the mysteries that have a lot of conspiracy theories and is bagged up by a lot of assumptions and theories, but you can still purchase puppets and items from Seluvis.

The most convincing theory that we have found about the death of the Seluivs in the Elden ring game is that it could be possible that Selyuvis was trying to turn Ranni into a puppet. Due to this Ranni had to attack Seluivs which ultimately resulted in Ranni killing the Selvuis.

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However, there is no onscreen justification for Seluivs mysterious death but according to the plot and the storyline, this is the best theory that fits into the picture.

Many players had this question how is this possible without even interacting with Seluvis how can he die well now you know, that he dies in his tower as he tries to turn Ranni the white witch into a puppet, and because of this Ranni had to kill Seluvis.

Most of the players are confused that the sudden death of the Seluvis was the outcome of their choices or the storyline which was followed throughout the game. Taking about other NPCs in the Elden ring the Seluvis doesn’t have any arc of his own.

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