Path of Exile: How To Use Blood Altar?

You can upgrade your PoE build using beast crafting. Using the Blood Altar, you can sacrifice beasts to create unique equipment, generate currency, and modify items. The blood altar is a powerful crafting tool to imbue items with various modifiers. 

To use the blood altar, you must acquire a rare item to use as a sacrifice and place it on the altar. You can get the desired outcome by paying the required amount of life force. You will get it when the ritual is completed. 

Using Blood Altar in PoE – Complete Guide

how to use blood altar path of exile
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The Blood Altar is a special crafting station that can be used to craft different items and provide numerous modifications to existing items. The items rely on recipes made from captured beasts. Each recipe will have different beast icons that show the types of beasts you will need to complete the recipe. 

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If you have insufficient beasts to complete the recipe, some icons will be gray instead of colored. You will need to head out into the world and capture some beasts. 

Capturing beasts in PoE 

blood altar poe
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You can capture beats by cooperating with Einhar. There is a random chance that Einhar will spawn and join you against a group of beasts. Einhar will throw nets at beasts with low health, capturing them for beast crafting. 

You can capture the beasts by heading into Azurite Mine, an infinite dungeon unlocked in Act 4. Look for the Beast Burrow inside the dungeon. Any beasts you kill here will be automatically captured. 

Activating Altar in PoE

how to use blood altar poe
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After you have enough beasts, use the blood altar menu to start a recipe, then hit the “Craft” button. This will cause beasts to spawn around you as enemies. You must now defeat these enemies inside the blood altar area. The crafting will fail, and beasts will escape if you die. 

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If you kill all the beasts, your required item will appear on the Blood Altar. You can place it in your inventory.

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