Pokemon Go: How To Get Lugia, Counters and Weaknesses

Lugia is a legendary Pokemon that was introduced in the Johto arc. The ‘Guardian of the Seas’ resides in the deepest trenches and often travels to the surface to pacify the warring Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno with its melody.

Lugia in Pokemon Go is a difficult catch but with the correct strategy, the Water God will be in the Pokedex.

A dual Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon, Lugia could also have Dragon Tail in its Quick moveset. However, the ideal build is Extrasensory as Quick Move with Aeroblast++ as Charged Move.

Players who completed Pokemon GO Tour: Johto’s Special Research last year were able to unlock a Masterwork Research that led to an encounter with Apex Shadow Lugia, which then could be purified for the Aeroblast++ move.

Lugia Pokemon Go: How to get the mythical sea monster?

Pokemon Go Lugia Weakness
lugia pokemon go

Lugia cannot be found in the wild inspite of special events or obtained from eggs. Trainers need to wait until the next Tier 5 Raid to catch the Pokemon. The last time it appeared in Raids was from March 28 to April 11, 2023, after a gap of almost two years.

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August could be the time when it returns to the fray after the supposed 5-Star Cressalia Raid occurring from August 4 to August 16. However, no news on the raid schedule has been provided by Niantic or leaked as of yet.

Weaknesses of Lugia

Lugia is strong against Grass-, Fighting-, Ground-, and Psychic-type Pokemon and weak against Electric-, Ice-, Rock-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks. It is recommended to use a strong Electric type for maximum advantage like Zapdos, Magnezone, or Mega Ampharos. Remember that the speed at which a Raid Battle ends is one of the determining factors for how many Premier Balls a trainer obtains for the encounter.

Lugia Pokemon Go Raid Boss stats and more

Raid Boss Lugia has a CP of 45925. It usually takes more than five trainers to defeat the Tier-5 Water God, given that they focus on its type disadvantages under ideal weather conditions and the battle party is in the range of 2500 CP – 3000 CP.

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When defeated, Pokemon Go trainers get to encounter Lugia in the following CP ranges:

  • CP without weather boost (Level 20): 2028 -2115
  • CP with Windy weather boost (Level 25): 2535 -2645

With a max CP of 4186, Lugia has a total Attack of 193, Stamina of 235, and the sixth-highest Defense in Pokemon Go with a whopping 310 stat.

The legendary Psychic- and Flying-type is ideal for Raids and Master League PvP due to its ability to take damage and inflict vast amounts of damage back at the opponent.

Counters for Lugia Raid Boss

The following Pokemon are the best counters for the Tier-5 legendary Raid Boss Lugia. Note that it would be ideal to get their Mega evolutions but their normal versions could also be a challenge for the Boss.

  • Mega Gengar: Lick (Ghost) and Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Mega Aerodactyl: Rock Throw (Rock) and Rock Slide (Rock)
  • Mega Alakazam: Psycho Cut (Psychic) and Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Mega Salamance: Bite (Dark) and Draco Meteor (Dragon)
  • Mega Swampert: Water Gun (Water) and Hydro Cannon (Water)

Weavile (Dark/Ice), Rhyperior (Ground/Rock), and Blaziken (Fire/Fighting) are some of the commonly-used alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lugia learn Aeroblast in Pokemon Go

Lugia won from a 5-Star Raid won’t have a preset Aeroblast Charged Move. Trainers need to use an Elite TM to make Lugia learn Aeroblast+. Meanwhile, the Aeroblast++ attack is limited to the Apex purified versions

Is Lugia a Research Breakthrough reward?

Legendary Pokemon have been discontinued as a Research Breakthrough reward since 2020. Along with Ho-Oh and Latias, Lugia was available from May to June 2019 after completing Field Research tasks for a whole week

Can Lugia be Shiny?

Yes, Shiny Lugia is available in Pokemon Go. It has a distinct pinkish-red skin color and has 1/20 odds to appear in a Tier-5 Raid

What is the most effective PvP build for Lugia?

Sky Attack and Aeroblast are Lugia’s most popular Charged Attacks in the GO Battle League. Pair it with Extrasensory in the Quick Move slot since Dark- and Ghost-type Pokemon are mostly used in the Master League.