Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes (Hide and Seek, Horror, City)

Prop Hunt is one of the best game modes that were available in the Fortnite game that you can access it using the Creation Portion. This is one of the favourite modes that allow players can able to play hide and seek with other players.

You can be seeking or hiding in this mode. If you’re a seeker then you need to find other players who may be hiding for this you need to keep an eye on objects that look different on the map. And if you’re hiding then you need to keep yourself better fit with the surroundings.

There is no age limit to play this mode in Forntie you can play with your friend or family members anytime you want. Here in this short article, I have put together some of the Prop Hunt Codes that can be helpful for you.

Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes

Hide and Seek Prop Hunt Codes Maps

Here I have listed all the best hide-and-seek prop hunt map codes. You can easily able to play hide and seek in Fortnite using these prop hunt codes in Creation mode.

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Fortnite Prop Hunt CodeCodes
Modern Mall1679-1165-5282
City park4760-0262-7171
Roller Disco3948-7015-9316
Summer House9333-9129-4841
THE YACHT7257-6466-2198
Toy Story5530-6235-0681
Hotel Deluxe7451-9512-8283
Easter Egg Park6449-8811-4648
Cozy Cafe8851-5874-9250
Indoor Water Park0139-3586-5803
Prop Hunt With Abilities9249-3264-0093
Tidal Wave8312-0054-3731
Carnival Prop Hunt3119-6798-1923
Prop Hunt…but in a Taxi1662-3121-3063
Western World3541-6722-7262
Water Park0139-3586-5803
Toy Store8760-1807-7616
Lazer Tag Prop Hunt9933-9770-9493
Prop Heist0227-7562-4411
Battle Pass9565-6442-7019
Five Nights at Freddys8146-6583-9505
Sunset Cruise8971-0711-7202
Modern House0058-2909-3083

Horror Prop Hunt Map Codes

These are all the horror prop hunt map codes that you can use to play horror games in Fortnite with other players.

Fortnite Prop Hunt CodeCode
Frightening Farm0126-8996-2895
Boo Bash0299-9011-8052
HAUNTED HOUSE3727-3116-3977
Shopping Spree4102-3261-7361
Haunted Castle5057-0496-9407
Ghost Hunt7242-6274-3119
PROP HUNT HALLOWEEN !8066-5082-7151
Halloween Hide and seek Mansion8352-2462-1271
Halloween HAUNTED HOUSE!9244-5831-0437

City Prop Hunt Maps

These are all the City Prop Hunt Maps codes. You can easily use these codes to play hide and seek on the city map with other players in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Prop Hunt Code Code
Water City2102-8095-5518
MAP RP DUBAI CITY3026-4466-3429
Neon City – Exploration7462-8631-4577
MODERN CITY7477-6379-1293
Mexico City7575-5632-5832

How To Use the Prop Hunt Map Code In Fortnite?

In order to play the Prop Hunt in the Fornite, you need to switch to Creative mode. Here follow the below-given steps carefully to know how you can use the Prop Hunt Maps codes in Fortnite.

1.Firstly, launch the Fortnite game and simply choose Creative from the selection menu.

2. Choose the Island Code and hit the Enter button.

3. Now, simply input the Prop Hunt Map Code that you want to play.

4. The Prop Hunt game will begin after entering the code.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you find this article helpful to know some of the best Prop Hunt Codes that you play in the Creative mode in Fortnite. You can bookmark this page to save all these map codes and try them one by one.

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This is the end of this short guide.

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