Dragalia Lost Tier List: Best Adventurers and Dragons Ranked

Don’t you know who the best explorers are Dragalia Lost? The Dragalia Lost Tier List for adventurers is still revised.

Dragalia Lost is one of today’s best free mobile gacha games.

Missing Explorers of Third Parties

Dragalia Lost is one of the best available free RPGs. Cygames creates the popular smartphone Nintendo game and has an incredible roster of playable people. These explorers suit one out of five elements, as defined in the game. However, it may be difficult for players to know what are the best of so many explorers to keep track of. Luckily, some great explorers will agree on just about everybody.

Dragalia Lost became Nintendo’s second most important mobile game as an original IP. The biggest draw of Action RPG is to encourage players to battle foes alongside dragons as human explorers. Because of the large number of explorers, the fact that we keep up with who is who may be overwhelming. This is why online levels continue to appear so that players can have an idea of which explorers are the strongest.

Same as other gaming games in the genre, you can collect multiple units to build your party and assist you in fighting (or explorers as the game calls it). These units are obtained by calling them by random use of the current or in-game currency.

This tier list should be seen as a guide to investment. It reflects no raw power in a vacuum for Adventurers. Rather, it shows what Explorers, particularly Agito and Master High Dragon Trials, are most common and able to clear up end-games content. A higher level unit can find groups more easily and is considered the best option for its respective material. A lower-level unit may be feasible, but finding a community that is willing to take them would be more difficult. This makes progress faster and more smoothly than a lower level by investing in the Tier 1 Adventurer.

Please note: the location of an adventurer on a tier does not announce whether it is better or more common in the same tier compared to another adventurer.

dragalia lost dragon tier list

Tier 0 – Breaking The Game

This level is for adventurers, who go beyond describing the meta. They are so powerful that they distort the strategies and play around them. They are so powerful. They are often meta-like and sometimes so strong that multiple characters are run in co-op modes. They would not exist in a perfect world.

Pick me up and blow me down, pick me up! The new Queen O’The Meta, Karina, the pirate lass. You have the option of several elements to clear a map quickly and easily, whether it is Agito, high dragon or Fat dragons sittin’ on a mound. When you invest in some Adventurer, make sure that this is Karina, the Queen of the Pirates, or Dragalia Lost.

Again, an explorer in meta warping appeared, and Karina is being promoted to level 0.

Tier 1 – Meta Defining

This tier is for Adventurers that describe the meta of co-op and single-player content. If there is a “cookie-cutter” composition, these are the Explorers who make it up. They are not split, but they are found at the cutting edge in almost all simple areas of tough content and will most probably find their way into a pickup band.

Tier 1.5 – Almost Meta

Adventurers of this rank are just marginally less than those in level 1 but are slightly less preferred for some reason. They can certainly be used to clear the hardest contents, but sometimes they are not chosen for co-op play immediately or have some or two minor flaws which make them less useful. For those Explorers, you may find pick-up parties, but compared to a perfect option it can take some patience.

Tier 2 – Off Meta

These adventurers can clear the most challenging content but either they need some more investment, expertise or effort and as a consequence, they see substantially less co-op play or they are often ignored by Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 adventurers when they form a team. There is also another explorer doing his job, but better. You’ll find a collection group more difficultly, but you will certainly clarify the content of the final game with patience and investment.

Tier 3 – Underpowered

They have a major mistake that holds them back or a metagame that makes their package or their resistances useless. You could clear the toughest content with them in the game, but it will either take a monstrous investment, a lot of luck or a team designed to help them. You can still get a weight of your own, but using another adventurer will be considerably easier. It will be a real challenge to find a pick-up group who will be able to play with you in the material of the final game.

Tier 0Pick me up and blow me down, pick me up! The new Queen O’The Meta, Karina, the pirate lass. You have the option of several elements to clear a map quickly and easily, whether it is Agito, high dragon or Fat dragons sittin’ on a mound. When you invest in some Adventurer, make sure that this is Karina, the Queen of the Pirates, or Dragalia Lost.
Tier 1Ezelith : Gala Lexi, Gala Leonidas, Gala Mym, Halloween Lowen, Marth
Tier 1.5Emma: Euden , Halloween Mym, Mikoto , Nadine, Naveed, Student Maribelle, Xania, Yukata Cassandra
Tier 2Aoi . Gala Sarisse, Incognito Nefaria, Karl, Lea, Rena, Serena, Sinaloa, Verica
Tier 3Alain, Aurion, Chelsea, Chrom, Hunter Berserker, Joe, Lexi, Marty, Mega Man, Melissa, Nobunaga, Ramona, Renelle, Valentine’s Ezelith, Valentine’s Hildegarde, Valentine’s Orion, Vanessa, Xuan Zang, Yue, Yuya

Our best advice for the first Anon poster is that if you’ve been playing for more than one month, we will never restart Dragalia. Perhaps if you have a certain collab going and have the explorer (anyone from Monster Hunter?). In a few months, you will have solid teams for every feature, with their vast amounts of free content and resources.

Save yourself up for Gala Dragalia and pull everything you have won like crazy during it. I believe I waited about three months and had enough to pull nearly 200 times, including my free pulls during the event when I began (a little bit after launch). I’ve pulled over a dozen new 5*s (adventurers + dragons) with an increased rate and pity rates running and I had enough to keep a good team busy with me.

Gala activities with large ponds are now becoming more enticing. I try to make a couple of ten pulls each and usually stop and save if I still pull the character of the Gala.

And as far as investing in units is concerned, it is hard for me to suggest (personally) spiralling beyond 64 units unless it is very amazing. I can easily complete all the current content in the game, and I can honestly complete all of the exp needed to level 95-100. The commitment level to max a unit is very insane, as thousands of gold exp mats just need to be spent on the final 5 stages… Per adventurer! – Per adventurer!

Nefaria jumped up because at the same time she may apply two separate status effects, which is very unbelievable. Her damage has exposed as her S1 is boosted and poisons by blind or intoxicated enemies. Her S2 can now clear up to 3 buffs and, at last, her skills are all pretty fantastic.

At maximum HP (we want it to be 50% +) her opportunity to inflict both of them is up to 60%! Finally, Blinding and Poisoned Punisher seem to STACK, which means that it damages all enemies affected by these two status effects with a (1.3*1.4)… or 82 per cent bonus damage. And that’s not even the bonus harm that S1 does! Yeah, in most cases, she has become an absolute cannon, particularly if you can maintain the top.

Characters that have not been included in the list for months (Sharpshooter Joe and Opéra Karina) yet, and characters that have been on this list ever since the start (such as Marty, Vice, Taro and a variety of other characters).

dragalia lost guide

Although these features are mostly (if not all,) 3 stars, unpopular and low, some of these are higher and never have an analysis and their ranking should be explained no matter how good or bad they are. That is the whole point of the stage list.

Half of the characters who have an analysis have been very outdated, many of them have an IO-friendly explanation table, and many characters have a relatively new character, or analytical explanation, saying it’s fantastic yet have been placed on level 3, which has yet to be explained (Summer Mikoto, Nobunaga, and Yurius are a few).

However, other characters like Chrom were modified almost immediately upon changing their rank, and although Sharpshooter Joe and Opera Karina had previously been listed, several new characters were added to the list.

It takes time to update the list, particularly after the second-anniversary update, to change a lot about weapons and even more about warm prints. But when and what changes happen, some characters are added/moved to the list only days after the game is added/moved, and some characters are not added/moved/moved through the list for months or over a year.

More and more people, including older people, have been updating analytical and explanatory tabs for a while, I believe all characters have been fire and light for a while, yet suddenly they have stopped and the updates are incredibly late.

You all have lives beyond this site, you don’t have to do it first, but have always worked hard to achieve it, and in the end, it’s not necessary to have a mobile game list with no regular updates. It is just disappointing because it’s not as exact or comprehensible as it may be.

For players who want a more methodical approach to parties, complex statistic growths and skills must be taken into account for their optimum squad.

Join the Dragalie Lost Tier List: a guide for the best players to spend their time in the game, graded as the end game content feasibility.

What Do The Tiers Mean?

S Tier

Almost every player’s roster will have adventurers on this level, as they are extremely powerful. These units form the present meta of the game – which means that a few of these explorers would certainly facilitate the content of the end game.

A Tier

Don’t be mistaken, these are powerful explorers too. However, the lack of versatility and usefulness beyond the pre-determined positions bars them from S-tier status. While units with S-tier can exalt themselves in each composition, A-tiers are only extremely good in their function.

B Tier

There are just fine explorers. You won’t blast away from any aspect of the gameplay, but it still has value in consolidating. However, we look forward to spending some more time and money to make these units viable in the end.

C Tier

During the game, you can use these units only until some better units are found. There are more, much better options with three levels of explorers above them.

During the game, you can use these units only until some better units are found. There are more, much better options with three levels of explorers above them.

D Tier

These units are only useful in the game with a big buff. Now, these units have glaring faults that can’t be redeemed.

Dragalia Lost Tier List:

dragalia lost tier list

Let take a look at the Dragalia Lost tier list to know some of the best adventures and dragons. The tier list has 3 columns Adventurer, Element and Rarity. The Adventurer means the adventure in the game, Element means the flame, wind, water, light and Rarity means how much the rare adventure it was with the star 1 to 5. Here 5 Star means the rarest adventure.


Hawk Wind5-star
Jiang ZiyaWater5-star
Gala ElisanneWater5-star
Halloween LowenFlame4-star
Dragonyule Malora Light  5-star
Gala LucaLight5-star
Mitsuhide     Light  5-star
Gala LeifWind5-star
Gala PrinceLight5-star
Zhu BajieLight5-star
Gala Cleo      Shadow5-star
Gala AlexShadow5-star


dragalia lost dragons
Ezelith           Flame5-star
Euden           Flame4-star
Nadine          Flame5-star
Xania            Flame3-star
Gala Mym     Flame5-star
Rena               Flame5-star
  Emma  Flame4-star
Lily    Flame5-star
Hunter Series           Water5-star
Lin YouWind5-star
Su FangWind5-star
Addis WWind4-star
Valentine’s MelodyWind5-star
Wedding ElisanneWind5-star
Valentine’s AddisShadow5-star
Summer VericaShadow4-star


dragalia lost adventurer
Adventurer  RarityElement
Chelsea                     5-star               Flame
Halloween Mym 5-starFlame
Naveed 5-starFlame
Ramona 5-starFlame
Verica 4-starFlame
Hunter    Berserker 5-starFlame
Gala Sarisse 5-starFlame
Megaman 5-starFlame
Valentine’s Hildegarde 5-starFlame
Vanessa 4-starFlame
Thaniel   4-starWater
Xander 5-starWater
Summer Celliera 5-starWater
Dragonyule Cleo5-starWater
Gauld Laranoa4-starWater
Nurse Aeleen 5-starWater
Julieta           5-starWater
Halloween Odetta  4-starWater
Kirsty Wind  Louise 5-starWind 
Dragonyule Xainfried  4-starWind 
Musashi  4-starWind 
Maribelle 5-starWind 
Gala Ranzal  5-starWind 
Templar Hope  4-starWind 
Wedding Aoi5-starWind 
Wedding Xania        4-starWind 
Lucretia  5-starLight
Summer Cleo5-starLight
Summer Luca Sha4-starLight
Wu Kong5-starLight
Annelie  5-starLight
Erik                 3-starShadow


dragalia lost
AdventurerElement Rarity
Alain  LeaFlame3-star
Valentine’s EzelithFlame4-star
Xuan ZangFlame4-star
Jurota LutherWater4-star
Summer RanzalWater4-star
 Johanna Wind 3-star
NicolasWind 4-star
Ku HaiWind3-star
JulietaLight4 -star
Ryozen          Light4-star
Orion Shadow 4-star

As with most other level lists, Dragalia Lost’s adventurers are normally ranked ascending from D-tier to S-tier. Most S-tier explorers are 5-star characters, meaning that they are uncommon, although a few 4-star characters still have regular S-tier lists of fans.

In Dragalia Lost Who are the Best Adventurer?

Although the level of Dragalia Lost differs from place to place (or player to player), a few characters exist that can best be agreed on by just about everyone. Fire Emblem’s Marth is likely to be the best fighter in the game using the Flame Element. Gala Elisanne is not only Elisanne’s best version, but is one of the best game-going aventurers. Head of the Mouse Clan, Mitsuhide, is another character who uses the light element, frequently rated S-tier, while Grace is a big shady adventurer.

Just as in mobile RPGs like Genshin Effect, many of Dragalia Lost’ S-tier rankings have been given personal preference. Not every 5-star character is classified as the S-tier as are some 4-star adventurers. Pirate Karina has almost always been classified as S-tier. Lowen, a four-star character, is typically S-tier adventurers with his five-star Hallofen Lowen counterpart. The best teaprevail builds use a number of elements of adventurers, but so, generally speaking, a different team is stronger than one made up by four S-tier adventurers.

Many rankings are again based on personal preferences, so that tier lists vary between players. However, some characters such as Marth and Elisanne Gala believe that most people are the best. In the end, players need only find explorers and a squad they want to get their best fun from the Dragalia Lost.

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Dragalia Lost is considered to be one of the best online or smartphone free games on the market. Cygames developer and Nintendo publisher have developed an action JRPG that provides an effective combination of narrative and gacha elements to rise above the contest.

Knowing which units to invest in is a major component of the game. You will optimize your group with this guide on the way to the end.