Remnant 2: How To Get Acidic Jawbone 

Acidic Jawbone are crafting material in Remnant 2. You can obtain Acidic Jawbone by defeating the boss. To get that you have to battle with Tal Ratha. The Acidic Jawbone can get you a melee weapon.

That weapon will explode the toxic gas on the enemy. Now, to get that you have to reach the unforgotten lands and face the enemy.

But, there is a little twist in that. Once you find an enemy you have to make a choice. On that choice, you will receive the reward. One of those choices leads to you getting the Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2. 

Let’s find out all about Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2. 

How Can I Have Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2?

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To get the Acidic Jawbone, first, you have to locate the Tal Ratha in the Remnant 2 Universe. You can find the Tal Ratha at the N’Erud.

You can find Tal Ratha in the forgotten prison. Tal Ratha is one of the two bosses that you will encounter in the N’Erude. You will find Tal Ratha during the Tal Ratha and The Shining Echos Storyline. 

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After you reach the forgotten prison, you need to have the soul spark cylinder. When you first interact with the Tal Ratha you will need the Soul Spark Cylinder. Further, you have to accept the request and head to the Green Capsule Room. where you need to retrieve the soul spark cylinder. 

Once you retrieve the soul spark cylinder, you have to give it to the Tal Ratha. Now, you have to face the two options. The Tal Ratha will present you with the Let eat you or refuse to eat.

No matter what option you choose you have to fight with Tal Ratha at the end of it. But, to get the Acidic Jawbone you have to choose the Let Eat You option. After that process, you have to battle with Tal Ratha’s Metaphysical form. As you defeat the Metaphysical form of the Tal Ratha, as a reward you will get the Acidic Jawbone. 

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How to Defeat Tal Ratha’s Metaphysical Form?

First of all, you have to go for the head of the Tal Ratha Physical form. It’s his weakest spot. But it’s hard to hit on there. Metaphysical forms have the unique ability to teleportation. Tal Ratha will teleport himself and attack from different angles very quickly. You have to be fast and accurate to dodge the attack. 

Most importantly, you have to dodge three consecutive attacks. Tal Ratha teleports him in a different direction in the arena, attacking from three different angles in a blink. You have to dodge the first three attack waves of stars and also wait for the slam-down final account. 

To defeat Tal Ratha you have to play defensive, the more attacks you have to dodge to survive in battle. In between attacks, you have to aim for the head of Tal Ratha’s Metaphysical form. 

After you defeat tal ratha metaphysical form you will have the Acidic Jawbone at the end of it. Also, if you choose the option to not let them eat you, you have to face the normal from tal ratha, where at the end of the battle, you will receive Spiced Bile. 

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Why should I Get an Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2 Acidic Jawbone is required to get Gas Giant Melee Weapon. To get that melee weapon, you have to interact with the Ava McCabe, you will find in Ward 13. You have to interact and choose the “Can you craft this for me? Further, select the craft tab and choose the Gas Giant option.

That’s all you require to get the Acidic Jawbone. It’s an essential part to get the Gas Giant Melee weapons, although Tal Ratha is part of the storyline so eventually you have to defeat him. 

This is all for this guide for more similar guides do check our Remnant 2 guides section. Until then happy gaming!

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