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Stardew Valley Stardrop Locations: There are a total of seven Stardrop players that can find throughout Stardew Valley, each of which has different difficulties in getting them. Finding all 7 Stardrops in Stardew Valley grants the player the Mystery of Stardrop’s achievement for Stardew Valley, along with the complete Energy Point Bar.

Acquiring all of the Stardrop fruits will grant 508 total Energy Points, as well as the Mystery of the Stardrop’s achievement, which will be a nice complement to all the achievements that can be earned throughout the game. Unlocking all these fruits will give you the Mystery of The Stardrop’s achievement.

List of All the Stardrop Locations

Some of the tasty Stardrop will boost your energy for a permanent 34 points, which allows you to do more during your day. Stardrop is a fruit that increases the ultimate bar for your energy, increasing it by 34 points permanently.

Consuming Stardrop increases a player’s characters maximum energy by 34 points permanently.  Following are all the Stardew Valley Stardrop locations:-

stardew valley stardrop

Location 1: Stardew Valley Fall Fair

One of the first Stardrop that most players encounter is the one that is sold in Stardew Valleys Fall fair. The fair is held every fall on the 16th and tasks you with earning enough Star tokens in order to be able to buy a variety of items in the store, including a Stardrop that costs a hefty 2000 tokens.

You can earn Star Tokens from a variety of mini-games in Stardew Valley Fair, but the bulk of it is usually earned from Grange Display, a competition where you showcase your best items in order to compete for Star Tokens. 

Location 2: The Secret Woods

You get the Stardrop by going into the secret woods and giving Old Master Cannoli the Berry of Sweet Gems. Now, go into the secret woods and give Old Master Cannoli the Sweet Gem Berry, which then gives you a Stardrop Fruit.

You would not think it, either, but you can sell a Stardrop for a cool 7,777 Gold. There is an item called a Stardrop that is found in Stardew Valley, and the item is the Mystic Fruit that increases your Energy Level Maximum. 

You receive the Stardrop back and your energy is permanently enhanced if you donate one to Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Forest.

Location 3: Level 100 of Mines

The player must reach to level 100 in the mountain mines to obtain this Stardrop. The player will discover a treasure chest at level 100. In order to get the stardrop the player needed to open the Chest.

Location 4: Krobus in Sewers

The player must give the Museum 60 artifacts to obtain the item Rusty Key in order to access the sewers (and the following Stardrop). Once you obtain the key, you can enter the sewers, where a businessman by the name of Krobus is located. One Stardrop is offered by Krobus for 20,000g. Purchase it!

Location 5: Your Spouse

It takes some time to finish this one since you have to fall in love with and wed one of the Stardew Valley residents who is eligible for marriage. After you get married, you must keep showering your loved ones with presents in order to increase their affection to 12 or 13 hearts. 

Following that, you will receive a Stardrop as a gift at random.

Location 6: Become a Master Angler

You must catch every kind of fish in Stardew Valley to receive this Stardrop. You’ll receive aletter from Willy with a Stardrop inside once you’ve captured every fish in the game.

Location 7: Donate 95 Items to Museum

The last Stardrop can be obtained by giving the museum all 95 things. When you will give, all the 95 items that you have to Gunther, he will give you a reward in the form of Stardrop Fruit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where are all Stardrop locations?

All Stardop locations in Stardew valley are: Stardew Valley Fall Fair, The Secret Woods, Krobus in Sewers, Donating 95 Items to Museum, Becoming a Master Angler, from your Spouse, completing level 100 of Mines.

How many Stardrop are there in Stardew Valley?

Every game has a maximum of seven Stardrops, which combined produce 508 maximum energy, more than doubling the original value of 270. 
It is important to locate every Stardrop in order to reach Perfection.

Can Krobus give you a Stardrop?

Only on days when it is raining does, Krobus leave the Farmhouse. Otherwise, he stands on the front porch. He will offer the player a Stardrop when they reach 13 hearts and, like a spouse, may also modify the wall coverings or the flooring.

Can you get the marriage Stardrop from Krobus?

When you reach 12.5 hearts on that level, you will receive a Stardrop as a present. Krobus experiences the same thing despite not being a good match for marriage. You will each get a Stardrop in the mail if you choose to wed another player in a multiplayer game as opposed to one of the NPC marriage options.

How do I get iridium statue?

It is constructed entirely of iridium. Once all four candles have been lit, Grandpa’s Shrine can be interacted with to get The Statue of Perfection which is a piece of furniture (see Grandpa’s Evaluation). Each day, it produces 2 to 8 ore of iridium.

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