Where To Find All 7 Stardrop in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has different items and events that player needs to complete in order to progress into the game. There is a special item in Stadew Valley that increases the player’s health bar and this item is called “Stardrop” there are a total of 7 Stardrops within the game that players can collect and increase their health bar.

However, to obtain each Stardrop players need to complete certain tasks in the game. Each Stardrop will increase your health bar permanently by 34 energy points. So all 7 Stardrops will increase your health bar to a maximum which is 508 energy points.

If you looking for a guide to know how you can collect all the Stardrop in Stardew Valley. Well, here we cover all information that you need to know to get every Stardrop in the game without having much hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

stardew valley stardrop

How To Get All 7 Stardrops in the Stardew Valley

As we already mentioned there is a total of seven Stardrrops in Stardew Valley and here we explain how you can obtain them one by one.

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Stardrop in Stardew ValleyHow To Get Stardrop
1 StardropMostly easiest Stardrop that the player can get is from the Stardew Valley Fair on the 16th of fall. In the fair players can play several games and gather the Star Tokens and trade them for the prizes. One of the prizes on the Fair is Stardrop that cost you 2k Star Tokens. One of the quickest way to get the Star Tokens is paying the Spinning Wheel game.
2 StardropSecond stardrop can be only be obtained once player reach to the 100 level of mine in the mountains. If player mine each day and invest in mining weapons such as pick-axe then sure you can get the Stardrop.
3 StardropThird Stardrop is sells by the Krobus at the Sewers 20,000g at his shop. However first of all player need to unlock the sewers by donating 60 items to the museum and get the Rusty Key from Gunther. Once the Sewers in unlock you can purchase the Stardrop anytime you prefer.
4 StardropOnce player level upgrade to Steel Axe you can clear the path of the Secret Woods. Buy the Rare Seed from the Traveling Cart in Summer or Spring season and grow the seed into the Sweet Gem Berry and in the fall season bring them to the Secret Woods to propose to the stone statue Old Master Cannoli. After this you will get the 4th Stardrop.
5 StardropMarriage with your partner in the Stardew Valley will give you Stardrop. Once you marriage with your partner and reach the 12.5 hearts you will get the Stardrop. However this will happen only once in the game.
6 StardropThe player who complete the Museum display and get the “A Complete Collection” achievement by donating 95 items o the museum. After that you will get the 6th Stardrop.
7 StardropThe 7th Stardrop can only be obtain once player catch all 83 different species fishes in the game.

This is the end of the Stardrop Stardew Valley guide for more helpful content do read our Stardew Valley Guides to find out more about the Stardew Valley game.

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