Sekiro Bosses Tier List: All Characters Ranked (May 2022)

Unique, strong enemies, Sekiro Bosses are not respiring. Bosses meet in the game with special gestures, better health and specific mechanics. Some bosses can be optional, others have to be defeated in order to continue the game. Most bosses have multiple red markers next to their vitality bar that have to be removed, before the boss can be killed.

The boss needs each death; the vitality and posture of the boss is fully re-established in the middle of a death blow.  The boss must end up with a special Finisher Deathblow, which is done as a normal Deathblow but which requires the performance of a special finisher animation by Sekiro which is exclusive to each boss immediately after the final deathblow marker is removed.

Software is a boss’ combat master, so that you can need a helping hand if you want to best support all Sekiro bosses. You’re both spurred on by the adrenaline rain that gets you from each fight and hindered by a single devastation, as you strive to master perfect feedback while trembling like a blade in order to get straight back to the last Idol.

There’s nothing like a war between the FromSoft boss, and Sekiro: The Twice Shadows is a peak of what the developers have learned up to now.

While we can discuss online whether Sekiro is the most difficult of the Soulsborne games or not, we cannot argue that Sekiro’s bosses are supposed to give you their back on a plate. You sometimes need to point in the right way, even with a heavy plate of cheese, to defeat the harshest Sekiro bosses.

Below is an overview of all the bosses from Sekiro plus some strategies for each. You’ll have to learn a great deal from FromSoft fighting, if you’re used to hide behind a great shield to absorb the great damage in Dark Souls.

Here’s how each Sekiro boss can be beat:

  • The Hummer of Misa SHINOBI HUNTER
  • Lady Butterfly
  • Genichiro Ashina
  • Folding Screen Monkeys
  • Guardian Ape
  • Great Shinobi Owl
  • Corrupted Monk
  • Emma The Gentle Blade
  • Isshin Ashina
  • Demon of Hatred
  • Divine Dragon
  • Genichiro Way of Tomoe


Sekiro Bosses

This horse riding samurai has two techniques. The first thing is clearly to stay away from him and use the chances to grapple with his health. They appear after passing you, and before any big attacks, when he turns around. Invest in the ability to grapple attack so quickly as possible to make the best of these assaults.

The other tactic is much more offensive to deal with this early boss. Since the adversary is large and he is driving safely around sitting on a large steed, you can still deflect his attacks. You can stupefy his horse, harm his stance and get some strong attacks if you weave on some use of Firecracker .Moreover, your horse is going to be okay. To the horse people, be good.

The Hummer of Misa SHINOBI HUNTER

Shinobi Hunter

This boss can prove a bit of pain because he has a goon’s ambassador to defend him and he’s also not very close to an idol of sculpture. You would like to take your time here, sneak in to take some of his security and then escape to the rest of the pack. You can creep in again for free Deathblow until everyone is taken care of.

Then the struggle starts. In Sekiro you will soon discover that combat is all about violence, and that’s more than most of the Shinobi Hunter. It’s easy to walk up the defences, but work an opening to go to the city. Besides, with the Mikiri counter, the pugnacious aspect of Enshin will be punished.


Lady Butterfly

If you need to know more, however, here are the basics, we have a much larger guide for beating Sekiro Lady Butterfly. The way you are going to beat her is to be more physical. Get into her face and leave it to her not to use her or her fantasies of long-range attacks. Stick to this basic pattern when it comes to attacking and deflecting: strike three times then deflect. Don’t get discouraged, simply remove your stance, you don’t need to do any health harm.

The two attacks which you have to watch for are her low sweep, you can see when she is on the ground because of the red kanji. Counter this, when you see the kanji, by jumping up her head. The other thing you must stop is when in the second step of the war she calls delusions. Don’t worry about fighting them, just ride them and stop the butterflies that pursue you in a wide circle.

Otherwise, you can just cheese the whole battle with the Nightjar Slash Combat Art by stunning Lady Butterfly.



Genichiro is and rightly so is a boss monster. He has both a bow and a sword and has access in the second phase to massive flash attacks. Aggression and the liberal use of the Mikiri Counter is the only way to resolve it, because a boy loves thrusted assaults. You’ll be golden once you get used to deflecting the arrows. The Shadowrush skill is a way to cheese this struggle.



This spear is just as muddy as its name is long. Like Misen’s Shinobi Hunter Enshin, a large part of the struggle also finds its way to him.

Take a left turn at the bottom of the stairs and sneak into a hole in the building that he stands up in front of – you can get the cash in your free deathblow once you get there. Like Enshin, he’s a spearwalker, so the Mikiri Counter will do wonderful things. In addition, the Firecracker Prosthetic can also stagger him. Use Ichimonji: twice an attack to inflict a certain posture harm once you have him on the ropes.



This is not so much a boss battle as a constantly shifting puzzle. The monkeys will still be running and all four of them must be taken out. More illusory monkeys seem to try and take you away each time you take one on a Folding Monkeys computer.

You are followed by the invisible monkey. Just look for the yellow steps behind you and start swinging. In the left-hand back of this field the monkey with strong eyesight appears to live. Go in, open the lock, walk away a little before you get back and kill stealth. The noisy monkey leaves a flaming trail and remains on the roofs. Sneak around and watch his track above you, sneak him up and pick him up. The latter is the strong hearing monkey. Only look out and cautiously approach while you crouch. With Gachiin’s Suga, both of these things are easier to detect.


Guardian Ape boss

The first step is to launch huge flourishing of attacks. The Guardian Ape boss Almost all of this can be parried, but you can just wait until you have a safer battle, then thrash it out on the floor. This attack allows him to be available for a few free hits. Only rinse and repeat if you’re fighting the parry schedule.

The shinobi tool Firecracker is useful here, as it gives you a few additional chances to get struck. You will also want to take care of the unblockable hand attack, which the red kanji is signalling, just jump over to avoid any damage. Word to the wise, it will fart you to the grave – if you spend too long behind the Guardian Ape.

The second step is more complicated, but two things need to be taken into account. First, run like hell if you see him breathing. This is an impact terrorist assault area that almost always shots you, so keep your distance in this part of the fight where possible. Secondly, he has an attack, where before attack, he holds the sword up in the air. If you can parry, he’s going to slip, and you can land a few free hits. Finally, there’s a red kanji strike, but it’s easy to stop by just reverse.

Again, you are fighting Guardian Ape against two apes this time. The best tip is to try to kite the Guardian Ape by yourself and pull it out. Some people prefer the Guardian Ape’s mate to be able to concentrate all their attention, since their position is very poor – it is up to you.



The war against Genichiro feels bad, but more serious. The first step of attacks to be watched are principally the whispered throws, and you will prevent harm if you go to the side. The other is to lose an object that prevents you from being healed. You can see him doing this as he kneels and throws it in the air.

Make your way to his back and attack him for some time as he stays weak. The smoke bomb is the main assault in the second process. If he drops it runs from where he was out of the cloud. It’s just a matter of deflecting what you can and hitting when you have a chance.

Don’t try something you do, because Mikiri can counter you with a single-hit shooter Great Shinobi Owl. This fight is a little slog, but you can finally conquer the boss if you learn to recognise the opening. Finally, consider taking the tool Firecracker to cure you a second or two more.



The struggle at the Mibu Village and the Fountainhead Palace’s first two phases are close. You must look at low pitfalls and thrusts and, depending on how optimistic you are, either jump over it or Mikiri Counter.

This fight can be tough and it’s about learning the patterns, but it is fast. For a start, behind the Corrupted Monk, you can just catch the tree and deathblow from above. You can do this unbelievably even for the second step of the battle, so you have only one deathblow. Bring the Firecracker shinobi tool along and while they’re stunned, you should be able to get enough damage. Wake up and you should be all right for its major sweeping attack and terrorist attack in the third process.

You have to be careful that a fantasy moves between step one and two if you don’t want to cheese them – the only way to prevent that is by grappling about the trees above.

Later in the game, there is a second game with the Crooked Monk, but it isn’t too hard because you can fight in a lot. But take some Divine Confetti and prepare for a struggle, since the best way of beating the boss is by slashing down the heavy bar of vitality, one by one.



Emma’s pretty warrior despite her name. The main step in this fight is to sheathe her blade, which means that she can unleash a two hit quick combo from which you can parry or run. You also have a very strong seizure attack from which you have to jump when you see the red kanji. This is a simple duel and while she’s a decent fighter, her stance isn’t great so it’s not difficult to whisper and kill her.



This combat follows the duel with Emma, the Gentle Blade, with several of the same movements as he sheats his sword. The first part of the fight consists of the overheap chop move by Isshin Ashina, kiting on one side and attacking when there’s a window. The Sword Saint fight is also a move in Isshin.

The fundamental goal here is to bait once and then punish depending on what Isshin’s final strike goes to, either sword pushing (which you can counter Mikiri) or overhead chop. You still have room around him so you will want to keep Isshin in the middle of the arena.

When the second stage starts, the Firecracker shinobi tool can automatically be used, which prevents it from flashing out the entire arena. The strategy is essentially the same as before for the remainder of this point, but you may have several steps off. Your stomp attack will fire you, so it will start to dodge left as soon as you notice. Another new trick is to make Isshin instantly fall down and stab his flaming blade.

The slash is impenetrable and then, when you see the red kanji, you need to hop once, so you’ll be clear of the first blow, and once again. Do not parry because the move has a balancing position, which means the really strong follow-up is going to reach you.

Like the beginning of the last phase, use Isshin Ashina’s Firecracker if you hear it grumbles – this assault is difficult to read and you do not want to. Once all this is down, Isshin Ashina should be brought down in no time.



Hatred’s demon is the largest wood. He’s a real fellow, and one of Sekiro’s toughest bosses. The best position is in front of the leading leg considering the size of this beast. You should be able to stop most attacks if you kite in an anti-clockwise direction.

Depending on whether it is an explosion or a charge attack, the unblockable attack must be sprined away or overturned. You will stop the slash attacks and fireballs after you run away from the blast by running back to the demon and even swings into it. Be prepared to spring back when you see the red kanji for the rush assault.

The first deathblow causes him to be temporarily invincible and then there are a series of fiery blasts so recover as soon as you can. The second step is similar to the first, so play it with patience as before.

You will have the window to strike after the second deathblow so that you can take advantage of it because at this stage the Demon of Hatred often takes more unblockable attacks. It’s a very long fight, and its posture and vitality pools are very ridiculous, so just agree that it will be a very long battle and heal and defend things against burns.

Some of this can be cheeseed if the Finger Whistle Shinobi method has been updated absolutely. You can save it for the final stage just three times during the battle, but when you do, you get an enormous attack window so that the destructive movements are spammed.



It isn’t as hard as you would imagine, especially when the Divine Dragon and his uplifting sword first meet him. The first step is very easy to clear where a big bunch of little, old dragons have to be wiped out. First, stop them entirely before a tree appears and then grab the tree to kill any dragon. Rinse again and again. Rinse.

Now for the second half. You can see that some of them crack with lightning if you look at the woods around them. Take it, then use the light to attack the boss. After that the Divine Dragon stirs you with some big, easy to deflect telegraphed wings. Rinse and repeat before the trees go out and the dragon goes aggressively.

You just have to live in this part before the trees thank. You can do so by deflecting or weaving these attacks in and out. Just run up the sword and brace for a shinobi-serious deathblow when you deal with the ultimate lightning strike.


GENICHIRO Way to Tomoe

Genichiro has the Mortal Blade in this fight. He begins his struggle to prove this and carry out a major sweeping assault and switch back and forth. Besides this, it’s almost the same war as it used to be. Maintain the strain and interrupt his strikes to take him away. The Mortal Blade is heavy winds but you can easily stop it by twisting around it in the direction of the clock.



The fight is hard like diamond nails. You have to do a whole heap of deflecting in step one. You better stick close to him and parry, just remember that it will take a while to learn about the particular timing of his attacks. Parrying is the easiest way to do so, but you can also punish him for much of this fighting to allow you to respond quickly to his attacks and to avoid losing position or harm. Again, for these movements, there are some interesting timings.

When you see the overhead attack, at the very last seconde you will have to strap left, then wait for a while for Isshin to attack and only attack after that second section. Another stage is when you see Issin hanging his sword – this attack is glowing a little – just dodge left, avoid a second, and escape again, before attacking.

If you are struggling and pausing and pulling back, that means you’re on the way through and block your reach, which results in a fatal AoE pass, and the Firecracker shinobi tool can be countered when you’re doing it properly. The last step to see is when you’re put back and then Isshin takes a thrusting sword attack that can easily be reciprocated by a Mikiri Counter.

Phases 2 and 3 are separate but when the giant spear is pulled out of the ground. This stage can be followed by excellent timing and a strong memory of his changes. Oh, at that point Isshin has a rifle, he’s going to shoot off any time you go too far. Most shots can be quickly deflected.

Phase three also introduces a big flash attack that you can counter Mikiri, just try to wait and attack a little as if the whole attack is going a little too early. The toughest part of this struggle is to maintain your posture, so keep your fitness up and going to the fullest degree you can.

You should cheese a little the struggle alternatively.He’ll be doing a spring assault with his spear if you run round him in a wide circle. Run behind him and attack, then run away. You can repeat until he is still dead if you can sweep Isshin’s spear with patience and escape.

Sekiro Gameplay Explained

The Sekiro is an action-adventure video game that is developed by the FromSoftware and released by Activision. The gameplay is based on the shinobi known as the Wolf who fight different samurai clan to take revenge for kidnapping his lord. Sekiro has won lots of game awards including The Game Award for Game of the Year.

You as the Wolf Shinobi have to fight various bosses to take your lord. Moreover, the game is focused on stealth, exploration, and combat, with a particular emphasis. The game graphics are totally amazing you can easily able to get to the game controls due to the dynamic interface of the game. Currently, the Sekiro game can be a play on the following devices Microsoft Windows (PC), Xbox One, Playstation and Stadia.

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A complete guide to beat both Sekiro’s principal bosses and the bizarre miniboss. Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful to know all the Sekiro Bosses and their specialties and weakness that can help you in the game. Moreover, in case if you’ve any questions related to the Sekiro game feel free to ask us throughout the comment box. Don’t forget to tell us your favourite boss from Sekiro Boss Tier List.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most asked question regrading Sekiro Bosses.

How do you kill the boss in Sekiro?

On arrival, stand within the bull and the enemies advanced so that he overwhelms them when he leaves. Following that, the most instantaneous way to kill him is to hold your range, staying in front of him so that he attacks directed at you. Merely before he gets to you, he’ll dip his head and then strike

Who is the final boss of Sekiro?

Sekiro’s Isshin, the Sword Saint is the last boss you’ll have to encounter in the Sekiro game. It’s a lengthy battle because it has 3 phases of combat and you’ve to go through each phase to kill the Isshin.

How many bosses are in Sekiro?

There are currently 41 approved bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, nevertheless, this could switch if secret ones are identified.

Which boss should I fight first Sekiro?

Leader Shigenori Yamauchi is the first boss conflict of any kind that you’ll have discovered in Sekiro. He appears shortly after you do your first bit of killing, by attended Lord Kuro in the Moonlit Tower and received your sword

What happens if you kill the first boss in Sekiro?

You’re assumed to lose your first extreme battle in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game’s story depends on it. However, you don’t get any reward after taking down the first boss in the Sekiro.