Shadows Mark Lost Ark: How To Reach Shadow Island Token?

How you can get shadows mark lost ark island. In Lost Ark the Island Tokens will award you with various items, like a Gold Moss turtle mount and the Turtle Ship skin from the Totoyk Ahrong, with plenty more planned for the upcoming updates.

You have to complete one quest and receive a Shadow Island Token: Get a lost Ark Shadows Mark by beating level 24 on the Shadowspire, and then head back to Shadow Island and turn the quest in.

This has led to tons of players looking for Island Tokens, so if you are looking to find relevant Island Tokens, we have got you covered. In this Lost Ark quest guide to Shadows Mark.

We’ll provide the information about where to find the shadow island, and complete associated shadow island quests to get relevant island tokens.

How To Reach To The Shadow Island?

You can go to the North Vern Sea, and find the Shadow Island from that place. It is located on the edge of the dead waters and should be avoided, as it is hazardous to docking at the island. The Shadow Island can be located in one of two ways.

First, you can locate it using the coordinates. The second way is to sail along the northern edge of the former continent until you reach Shushire. Then head west from Shushire and keep going until you find an island with a docking point on its north-eastern side.

The docking point for this island is on its western shore. This island only appears once every seven years and there are a lot of dangers waiting for you on this island.

You should look out for these dangers, such as an area called “Dead Waters” and a creature named “King Ghidorah.” You will not find any other land near it, so you have to dock your boat on its western shore.

Prior to visiting, it is advised that you have attained combat level 50, equipped item level 250, and have access to Lost Ark ships.

shadows mark lost ark

How To Obtain The Shadow Island Token?

To obtain a Shadow Mark in Lost Ark, as well as get the shadow island token, you need to get and finish level 24 of the Shadowspire, as we said.

Complete all the purple objectives, until you speak with the Marine captain, Captain Zardin, on the Island, who instructs you to reach Shadowspire Floor 24 in order to start the Shadows Mark Shadowspire. 

The Shadows Mark mission is not exactly clear what it wants you to do from this point, and players new to Shadespire are going to find themselves totally lost.

Greater Stat Increase Potion5
Emote: Threaten10
Uncommon Wooden Compass15 
Greater Skill Point Potion20
Mount: Golden Moss Turtle25
Masterpiece #330 
Emote: Wave Dance35
Luminous Aquamarine40
Gienah’s Protection45
Protections Skill Rune50
Masterpiece #2255
Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell)60
Oceanic Aquamarine65
Statue of the Goddess Harmony70
Masterpiece #3875
Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle80
Secret Map85
Tidal Aquamarine90
Procyon Statue95

From there, it’s not entirely clear what the task requires of you, and new players to Shadespire will have no idea what to do. You don’t need to go past this point to return to Shadow Island and finish the objective with Zardin.

The Shadow Island Token will now be given to you. Now, the Lost Ark does not allow you to follow a quest at all, so some of you may find yourself stuck in Shadespire trying to find whatever the twenty-four floors are on Shadowspire.

If you are not paying attention, it is very easy to walk all over Shadow Island trying in vain to find twenty-four floors in something.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where is Shadow Island Soul Lost Ark located?

The Shadowspire is in Vern Castle, however any of them will do as long as you haven’t climbed higher than floor twenty-four. After defeating floor 24 in a Shadowspire, you can receive the Shadow’s Mark, go back to Shadow Island, and abandon the task.

How do you get Shadow’s mask in Lost Ark?

You must get to and finish Floor 24 of a Shadowspire in order to receive the Shadow’s Mark in Lost Ark and receive the Shadow Island Token.

How do I get harmony shards?

The simplest way to get Harmony Shards is to complete daily tasks. Similar to other MMOs, Lost Ark pays players for completing daily duties, or “Una’s tasks,” with valuable items. You can earn Harmony Shards and other rewards by completing Lost Ark Una’s duties.

How is the tower in Lost Ark unlocked?

When you achieve level 50 and finish the “Public Announcement Tower” guide quest, the Tower action becomes available. Once you have satisfied both conditions, enter any significant town and check your map for the Tower emblem. It is situated in North Vern in the core town’s northwest section. This is where the Tower is located.

How do you get to Brahms ship in Lost Ark?

You’ll receive the “Melody of the Sea: Brahms” item whenever your reputation with Lopang Inc. reaches level four. When you right-click on the item in your inventory, a quest request will appear, and if you choose to accept, all you need to do to obtain the Brahms ship is to read Senior Manager Jasni’s Letter.

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