Stardew Valley Pam: schedule, quests and more

Pam is a Pelican Town inhabitant who lives in a trailer on the river’s west bank. She used to drive the Pelican Town bus until it broke down. Assume you buy the bus repair from the Community Center. Then, save on rainy days, she’ll go back to work as a bus driver every day.

While it is not indicated in her conversations whether she has a husband, she frequently refers to herself as single. Nonetheless, she is unsuitable for marriage.

Pam shares a trailer with her daughter, Penny. She also knows Gus, the proprietor of The Stardrop Saloon. As a result, she’s one of their regulars and spends most evenings drinking her worries away.

stardew valley pam
stardew valley pam


If the bus stop is damaged, she is more likely to be discovered in her trailer. She gets ready at 12 p.m., goes to the JoJo store, and by 4 p.m., she’s ready to stroll to the Stardrop Saloon. Gus, the establishment’s proprietor, is also considered her best friend. Pam may be seen at the tavern virtually every evening.

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She sees Dr. Harvey in the clinic on the 25th day of the spring season, stardew valley pam home. We wouldn’t recommend going to the Desert, especially on this day.


If you want to make friends with other villagers, you must first unlock several questions that will make your Stardew Valley game more fascinating and unique. Pam may request pale ale on the 14th of the summer season. If you accomplish this, you will receive 350 gold and a friendship heart from her.

On the 19th of the fall season, her second year in Stardew Valley, she asks a battery pack. This task provides her with the opportunity to earn 400 gold and another Friendship heart from us.


You can impress Pam by gifting her items such as fruits, milk, and Daffodils. That’s all you need to know about Pam Stardew Valley as I’ll see you in the next guide of Stardew Valley.

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