Dark and Darker How to Get More Arrows

Dark and Darker

Dark & Darker is a challenging dungeon crawler that you may play alone or with pals to collect as much riches as possible. The game is full of hazards, such as terrible beasts, various traps, and even other treasure hunters!  There are several adventures to be enjoyed in this game, but you must be aware … Read more

Dark and Darker Playtest 2024 Guide

Dark and Darker Guide

Playtesting for Dark and Darker Alpha started on April 14, 2023. Playtesting for Dark & Darker in April 2023 lasted till April 19, 2023. Ironmace has stated that this playtest will not be prolonged, unlike prior playtests when the devs extended the playtest session for a few more days after the scheduled end time. The … Read more

Dark and Darker Failed to Connect to Server How to Fix

Dark and Darker Failed to Connect to Server

Dark and Darker Failed to Connect to Server: The Dark & Darker is a first-person dungeon PVE game with a fantastic multiplayer experience. Those attempting to explore its dungeons may encounter an incorrect connection.  At some point, you may have encountered some server troubles while playing, especially if you were using the game’s early access … Read more

Dark and Darker How to Link Items in Chat

Dark and Darker Tips

In Dark and Darker, you can trade any item from your inventory. It’s like real-life trading where you have to pay some fees to create a trading account, an eligibility requirement, and some rules and regulations you must obey. After doing that you can trade particular items at different categorized locations of Dark and Darker, … Read more

Dark and Darker How to Get Skeleton Skin

Skeleton Skin Dark and Darker

To get the skeleton skin, all you have to do is go to your shop option and you’ll notice that you have your skeletons that you can choose and other little bits of bobs but you need adventure currency. Adventure Currency is acquired through doing activities in the game like killing monsters, killing players, gaining … Read more