Pokemon Go Season 12 Adventures Abound: All Egg hatches and Adventure Sync rewards

adventures abound pokemon go

Leagues have been reset, biome spawns have been changed, and new creatures are hatching from eggs as Pokemon Go Season 12: Adventures Abound takes center stage. The season featuring the introduction of Paldean-region Pokemon will run from September 1 at 10:00 A.M. LT to December 1, 2023, at 10:00 A.M. LT. Adventures Abound is on … Read more

Guide for ‘Timed Investigation: Master Ball’ Free Research in Pokemon Go

Masterball Pokemon Go how to get

Pokemon Go Timed Investigation: Master Ball challenge went live on September 1, 2023, alongside the new Adventures Abound season. These are 10 tough tasks that will require multiple days to be completed but both free-to-play players and P2W players can finish them if they play regularly. As the title suggests, Timed Investigation: Master Ball rewards … Read more

List of all Attack Changes in Pokemon Go

Psychic Type Pokemon Go Weakness

Season 12 of Pokemon Go has brought a few changes in the moves to rebalance the PvP mode. This was in lieu of trainers complaining that the metas for Go Leagues had become stale, considering that there were hardly any differences between the Pokemon used in the 2022 World Championships and this year’s championships. Multiple … Read more