Best Wukong Builds (2024)

OP Wukong

Wukong is one of the best warriors in Warframe. He resembles the well know Money King and some of the dynamic abilities such as ​Celestial Twin, ​Cloud Walker​, Defy and ​Primal Fury. That allows him to survive among huge numbers of enemies. However, the Wukong Builds can help you to boost your abilities to the … Read more

Best Shedu Warframe Best Builds (2024)


Shedu Warframe has been giving players joy ever since its first release in October 2016. It was developed by Digital Extremes, a Canadian game developer with more than 100 employees that work on various games like Warframe. Which is one of their top games with more than 10 million players worldwide. A good Shedu build … Read more

How To Fram Argon Crystal In Warframe

warframe argon crystal

Argon Crystal is one of the rarest resources in the Warframe. Particularly it is used to decay the time out of the void and get it not easily similar to other resources in the game. Players can use these crystals to craft lots of weapons in Warfare and crafting the Greater Lenses. The best way … Read more

Warframe: Granum Void How to Get It

Warframe Granum Void

The Granum Void is a special play mode of Warframe, unlocked after the completion of Deadlock Protocol. The Granum Void of Warframe tasks you with killing up to 75 Errant Spectres in a set amount of time to receive a better reward. Granum Void: Overview This means that, in theory, you could spend one Crown … Read more

Warframe Railjack Crew Guide

Railjack Crew

For those looking to make the most out of Railjack, here’s how to make the most of the Intrinsics system. That is almost everything you need to know about setting up and upgrading your ship and crew. Their Railjack will require resources to run much of their operational gear, and it is critical to keep … Read more

Warframe: How to Get the Proboscis Cernos

Proboscis Warframe

If you cannot handle Kuva Bramma or Lenz, but you like their damage, you have to give the Cernos Prime a shot. Even better, Rakta Cernos shoots clouds of toxins into enemies every time it flings an arrow, making enemies suffer from Toxin Damage, Toxin Condition, and whatever Elemental Condition Effects are modified on weapons. … Read more