Warframe: How to Get the Proboscis Cernos

If you cannot handle Kuva Bramma or Lenz, but you like their damage, you have to give the Cernos Prime a shot.

Even better, Rakta Cernos shoots clouds of toxins into enemies every time it flings an arrow, making enemies suffer from Toxin Damage, Toxin Condition, and whatever Elemental Condition Effects are modified on weapons.

But, Firing a single arrow from a Proboscis Cernos will do initial damage, then drag enemies back toward the spot of impact, which will then detonate afterwards, doing more damage. So, in this article, we will tell you everything about how to get the Proboscis Cernos. Let’s get this started.

What is Proboscis Cernos?

The proboscis cernos is one of the top-rated horseshoe crabs to originate in Southeast Asia. The animal is mostly aquatic and most often spotted in freshwaters. A mollusk related to the Mopani worms can be found in wet markets across Asia, and Chinese people love consuming them in various dishes.

Proboscis Cernos appendages do their damage, but unlike the standard Arrow Throw, these appendages deal viral damage and slash damage while dispelling the two earlier types of damage, pierce and impale.

Like most arrows, The Proboscis Cernos also deals less damage with a puncture, making The Proboscis Cernos ineffective against armour.

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Since Proboscis Cernos is a bow, Proboscis Cernos is recommended to be used at a respectable range so that you are not stunned by the blast, and one must keep in mind that, as with all arrows, it is subject to arcing. Every shot must be planned with that factored into consideration.

Proboscis Cernos

What are its advantages & disadvantages?

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages related to the Proboscis Cernos with complete information.


Having a beak is an evolved behaviour in some mammals that help them explore their environment and sample their surroundings to find the best way to navigate. Proboscis Cernos has an edge in utility compared to the previous two because of its inherent firepower when dealing with groups of enemies, which is most of the game.

Still, Mutualist Cernos also serves a similar purpose except for drawing enemies to themselves. We can choose to use Proboscis Cernos for its soft touch, ambient lighting remotely controlled by a smartphone, soft fabrics with luxury finishes, and eco-friendly materials.

In these days of instant gratification, it’s always nice to know that somebody cares enough to build something well instead of paying attention only until we get it.


The poisonous odor or Trenton from the animal gives you information about its toxic nature. The animal is not domesticated. Some users find this device difficult, especially if they dislike its weird look or feel.

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The device is also quite heavy and cannot be carried around very easily. It is also frustrating that sometimes the charger doesn’t work, and you have to figure out a way to charge it on your own.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Proboscis Cernos is its price. The average minimum cost for a Cernos could be at least $7,000. But I also see certain similarities in similarity.

Many potential adopters claim that this gun is unparalleled by its counterparts in the investment. Also, it is a high-risk game with a low chance of success.

The player needs to be very lucky to get the desired outcome. The player needs to be very lucky to get the desired outcome. The disadvantages of Proboscis Cernus are that it needs to be constantly fed on dragon blood, or else it’ll die. Its scales can’t touch anything because they are toxic to humans and animals alike.

How to acquire the Proboscis Cernos?

To acquire the Proboscis Cernos, you need to complete the quest. But through Market, You can buy the Proboscis Cernos’ blueprint. The cost of the blueprint is 30,000 Credits. With the blueprint, you can craft the Proboscis Cernos at your Foundry, which requires:

  • 15,000 Credits
  • Mutalist Cernos x 1
  • Polymer Bundle x 1,600
  • Nitain Extract x 5
  • Nano Spores x 25,000
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In the game, Proboscis Cernos is acquired through harvesting events during expeditions. With a fast enough ship, you can use your harvesters to move to a Cernos event area and start mining the event as soon as it starts. Proboscis Cernos has a low chance of dropping from the high-level Clan Trove.

However, it is also available as an event quest reward or crafting. It’s worth checking both bodies of water on the map in case one is closer than another from any area where you often attack.

Beyond that, keep an eye on the time and make backups of your savings so that you won’t need to spend days getting materials for new attacks by loading your previous save when the event finishes.

This is the end of this short guide.

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