Best Shedu Warframe Best Builds (2024)

Shedu Warframe has been giving players joy ever since its first release in October 2016. It was developed by Digital Extremes, a Canadian game developer with more than 100 employees that work on various games like Warframe.

Which is one of their top games with more than 10 million players worldwide. A good Shedu build consists of fast-firing weapons and abilities that can be deployed by the player depending on their needs for battle and playstyle.

We’ll give you some of the best Shedu Warframe builds in this article, so be with us & let’s get this done.

Shedu: Overview

Shedu Warframe is a current build of your favorite 13 assault rifle. It features an unusual design, and its main trait is the ability to summon a mythical creature called the Shedu, who acts as her primary weapon in combat.

It was designed to be a 13 assault rifle which can only be found in the Void Fissure mission. The Shedu Warframe is an occult science experiment designed to be a 13 assault rifle that can only be found in the Void Fissure mission. It can open rifts between dimensions and the surfaces of worlds and control life and death with ease.

It is the Warframe from ancient times and is a very powerful weapon that can be obtained in the game. It was used for a long time, but its power was limited to its range which unfortunately didn’t suit all Warframes.

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This changes when Shedu’s scope and range are increased drastically. The point of this build is to have a player use all of Shedu’s weapons simultaneously. This includes an arm cannon, 13 assault rifles, and 11 short swords, which will be attached to the back of the player’s armor. The build is best for players who prefer hunting their enemies with bullets rather than using melee attacks or sword slashes.

shedu warframe

Some of the Best Shedu Builds

These are some of the best shedu builds list.

Standard All-Rounder Shedu build (2 forma)

The Standard All-Rounder Shedu build is a Heavy Forma build that tries to provide good damage and survivability on a low budget. It uses standard gear without any special or unique pieces but doesn’t require any Unique or Legendary gear.

Standard All-Rounder Shedu build works very well with Suppression Field, which helps with survivability as it massively increases energy regeneration while reducing incoming damage by 50%. This allows other skills such as Reaper’s Mark and Arrow Barrage to be cast more often.

The Standard All-Rounder Shedu build, also known as a 2-forma build, is a fighting style that focuses on high damage output and survivability. The 2-forma build utilizes the six attack forms to deal massive damage to the enemy while surviving the burst damage during fights long enough.

Endgame All-Rounder Shedu Build (5 forma)

The Endgame All-Rounder is a heavy forma build with a galvanized chamber and five formats. The 2017-2018 season saw the introduction of an elite class of weapons – the all-rounder – comprising an all-around, multi-purpose weapon capable of dealing great damage at long range, in close combat, and protecting allies from a distance.

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The new all-around weapons open up new possibilities for players, especially for combinations. The key here is to stack as much elemental damage as possible while taking advantage of safety features, such as a galvanized chamber and defensive forma slots. One of the most versatile Galvanized Chamber Herds, with Aptitude and an On-hit effect.

The Endgame All-Rounder Shedu Build is a versatile build that can be used in any situation. Although it has some impressive stats, it is not the most powerful build. The Endgame All-Rounder Shedu Build is a build for the metagame because it is powerful for all forms. Endgame All-Rounder Shedu Build – A build for all forms.

There are many different ways to play Endgame, and each form has its playstyle. The AllRounder build combines two of the most powerful builds in one, “Aptitude” and “Forma,” which will increase fighting power and damage output while not losing out on speed or mobility.

Raw damage/Low-Status Shedu Build (6 forma)

The Raw damage/Low-Status Shedu Build is a fighting build usually used as a primary fire. The benefits of this build are high DPS and decent mobility. To maximize the damage output of this build, it’s best to use Heat and Split Chamber in succession.

This build is a variation of the 6-forma heavy build, and it revolves around focusing on raw damage. The low-status Shedu builds focuses on fighting with punches and a secondary weapon. It is great melee damage build, so it is best suited for close-range battles or boss fights.

Raw damage refers to effects that deal an amount of damage without any other changes to the target or its surroundings. The most common Raw Damage effect is Heat Primary Fire, which deals 50% more heat per shot than previous shotguns.

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This effect allows players to fight longer fights by increasing their fire rate over time, but overheating can make shooting difficult in long fights.

Crit Volt Build (6 forma)

Crit Volt Build is a strategy that involves simultaneously activating your first, second, and third abilities. This is the most optimal build when it comes to fighting against opponents. Crit Volt Build is one of the default builds for player-controlled characters in Persona 5.

It has a high damage output and the ability to destroy enemies with ease. There are three types of abilities in V2: melee, ranged, and ultimate abilities. These three types of attacks have different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to know which type to use in any given situation.

The Crit Volt Build (6 forma) is a fighting style in which Scarlett uses her Volt 2nd ability to deal great physical damage. It is similar to the regular Volt builds, with one big difference: it uses vigilante armaments.

This is the end of this short guide.

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