10 Best the Planet Crafter Tips & Tricks (2024)

The Planet Crafter Tips: Planet Crafter is a game in which the planet slowly develops from a barren, red wasteland to a beautiful land of water and trees when you unlock and craft all the technology needed.

Many games out there allow you to build a base on an alien planet, but Planet Crafter sets itself apart by allowing you to terraform a dead world back into life.

While survival is important, your primary objective is to terraform a planet by building different types of machines. So, in this article, we’ll provide some best tricks and tips to help you throughout your game.

The Planet Crafter: Overview

The Planet Crafter is a 3D sandbox survival game that allows players to craft, build and survive in a vast alien world. The game is presented in the distant future, where an unidentified alien community has wiped out humanity.

Humanity’s last survivors have fled to the planet of Terra, which is now a desolate wasteland. The only way for humanity to survive is to craft and build things from the elements found on the planet. You can play in a huge open world and get to build your space colony or even go into space!

The game features a crafting system, where you can produce anything from food to weapons and armor. You can also use your imagination to build something that will last centuries!

the planet crafter tips

Best Tips and Tricks For The Planet Crafter

These are some of the tips that may come in handy for The Planet Crafter player to avoid the hassle.

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Focus on Buying The Assets Instead of Searching

Players need to have the intention to acquire assets ahead instead of searching for them while needed. Therefore, you have to take time to gather a severe amount of additives earlier than building or crafting anything.

This technique will permit gamers to build up a trove of assets they can use whenever. Gamers can task out all over again to restock their supplies. In the end, doing so will show extra time-green than looking for additives best while necessary.

Try to Avoid Unwanted Items To Save Area

Throughout their playthrough of The Planet Crafter, gamers will gather a truthful proportion of items. Eventually, they may want an extra garage area for the overpowering wide variety of factors they’ve accumulated over time.

Storage Crates, Locker Storage, and different garage fixtures will suffice for a while. However, gamers will apparently by no means have sufficient area for their items. There is, fortunately, a technique for saving area and lessening the want for added garage apparatuses.

Perform Multi-Tasking

While there is no time limit, you must move fast in the game’s early stages. As such, you will need to do the mini-tasks promptly if you wish to unlock more-capable backpacks or enhance terraforming drills. This need for resources will be pervasive throughout your playthrough, though it becomes far less challenging as you progress.

Try To Collect Object That Can be Recycle To Avoid Storage Issues

Eventually, players will require increased storage for the sheer amount of things they collect over time. So, when players want those components, they can run an object through the recycling machine and get individual resources. Players should craft items from numerous materials, packing them from many resources into one item.

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Reclaim Resources Using the Microchip Deconstruction

Remember, there is no need to worry about wasted resources: You can completely reclaim resources from the build with Microchip-Deconstruction, should you ever feel the need. The starting Inventory is finite, so packing the excess resources into the Box helps save some time.

It will be slightly harder to obtain high-level resources such as Iridium easily, and you will have less building space. Please do not bother with the Iridium, yet you cannot get to them until you heat a whole planet, so conquer a few more via Terraforming.

Build Your Own Teleporter

To return from visiting locations to your base, you must build a teleporter found on your building’s main menu. You cannot use the Space Station Teleporter until your first base is built and Teleporter locations from previous save games are deleted. If you did not choose the Base Construction Quest, you could not take your base by flying down on a planet’s surface and using the Scanner.

Consider The Weather and Living Atmosphere

You will need to explore a big open world, a chock full of secrets and resources ready to be harvested. They are in no way mapped out, but you will have an obvious sense of when it is time to begin mining water or laying down some landscape.

Players need to consider a variety of things, like heat, oxygen, pressure, and so on, on a planet. These details are not easily accessible to players, so players quickly become frustrated with a lack of information.

Build Display Screen To Gather Information

Players must construct display screens and reference them frequently since they provide valuable information about a planet and other things.

Starting with an Eggplant makes a massive difference later in Planet Builder for reasons that will be revealed when playing through the rest of the game.

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The Planet Crafter is a lot different compared to other games you will want this torch at the beginning as soon as you can. The main reason is there are many areas you will be exploring later or relatively early on in the game where you will need this torch to get around.

Invest Resources To Grow Plants

When you get the planet base and personal freighter, you may invest resources in getting it to grow as many plants as possible, using your farmers.

You could make a screen on each of your outposts, showing you every local region as you arrive, or you could bring materials with you to make one every time you want a map look and disassemble it later so that you get your pieces back.

Any Other Relevant Point To Consider

There are several components for gamers to don’t forget while gambling on The Planet Crafter. They should account for a lot of matters involving of a planet’s Heat, Oxygen, Pressure, etc.

However, that info isn’t comfortable to be had by gamers, and, as such, gamers will quickly discover themselves crushed by the shortage of records.

They may be unable to develop the sport efficaciously and be afflicted by the absence of knowledge. Gamers must construct Display Screens and check with them often, as they provide precious records on a planet and different matters.

This is the end of this guide.

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