Noglin Ark | Locations, Tame, Food, Breed and more

Ark: Survival Evolved introduced Noglin in Genesis Part 2. More importantly, this creature cute pet such as a dog but don’t let your guard down in front of him.

It’s a troublesome creature and players can encounter it in more Corrupted Biome in the Genesis Part 2 map.

Here we have covered Noglin information such as how to tame it, what food you can feed it and how to craft its Saddle and more.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

noglin ark

Locations To Find Noglin

The player can encounter the Noglin in Genesis Part 2 mainly in the Corrupted Biomes and the small river south direction and especially in Rockwell Zone. The Noglin is not an easy creature to encounter in Ark Evolved Survival because it’s a tiny creature with speed and a low spawn rate. Having the Noglin on your side can be helpful in the game.

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How To Tame Noglin?

Noglin can be tamed by controlling your creature or eating food. You use to have lots of tamed creatures with you that help you to tame Noglin. We suggest you use creatures that can easily survive in all conditions or that are slow.

Mainly the Noglin use mind control and attack the creatures that you use in order to be tamed. But make sure to use the Cryopod if you’re using lots of tamed creatures

The taming process of Nolgin will increase as per the creature’s mind control. Once the process is full the Noglin is tamed.

Noglin Abilities with Controls

These are some of the abilities of Noglin that you can use within the game.

Mind ControlPC: Press the F button / Xbox: Press the X button / PS4: Press the Square button.
Engage Brain HuntPC: Press the E button / Xbox: Press the Y button / PS4: Press the Triangle button.
Mind Control Pounce PC: Press Right Click on the mouse / Xbox: Press the LT button / PS4: Press the L2 button.

Noglin Food

Noglin is a carnivore creature and the player can feed it the following items.

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Mutton
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Noglin Saddle

There is no Saddle for Noglin in Ark Survival Evolved or the other items that can be used for the Noglin.

Noglin Breeding

The Noglin in a non-breedable creature in Ark Survival Evolved.

This is all for the Noglin guide here at Gameinstants we covered all gaming-related information. If you’re interested you can read our Ark: Survival Evolved Guides for more helpful information related to the game.

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