How to make Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands?

Looking for a guide for How to make Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands? One of the staples in Dawnlands, Pawpaw Wine may have a strange taste and color but it is massively energizing. The consumer gains 360% fire resistance. While the effects of the wine pale in comparison to Roast Meat, it is relatively easier to make as it requires no violence.

Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands is unlocked as a Recipe once players get to the Forest region. They are familiarised with honey, one of the key ingredients of the wine, when they find and speak with Mayu in the second village. The second ingredient is Pawpaw berries which can be found in the wild growing near rocks or streams.

Items required to craft Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands

Players need to craft two structures to be able to make Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands, namely Beehive and Barrell. A total of 14 Wood items, 2 Stick items, and a Queen Bee are required along with three Recipe Pages to unlock the structures.

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Beehive is crafted with the help of 8 units of Wood and made functional by the Queen Bee. Collect Honey after 10-20 minutes. Barrel is crafted from 6 units of Wood and 2 Sticks. It allows the preparation of different brews such as Pawpaw Wine, Leaf Dew, Dandelion Wine, Wheat Beer, etc.

How to get Sticks in Dawnlands?

Players often get confused when tasked with the mission of obtaining Sticks in Dawnlands. Easily enough, it can be found by cutting down Trees. The only requirement to get Sticks is that the Trees should be cut down from a Flint Axe (green-colored axe), which has a higher power than the normal axe.

Flint Axes have the capacity to cut down much stronger Trees, thereby giving Sticks.

Steps to make Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands

  • Collect 5 units of Honey from a Beehive.
  • Obtain 10 units of Pawpaw from the Forest area.
  • Go to the Barrel to craft the Pawpaw Wine.
  • A player can make 5 units of Pawpaw Wine in Dawnlands at each attempt.
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The more the beehives, the more Pawpaw Wine can be brewed in the Barrel. Store Pawpaw berries in a Storage Box to never run out of them when needed.

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