Minecraft Curse of Vanishing: All You Need To Know 

In the worldly famous game Minecraft, the curse of vanishing acts as a magical enchantment that allows players to curse an object, which could be anything that can be transformed.

If the player dies instead of crashing onto the ground like other items in the inventory, the item will completely disappear from Minecraft, never to be seen again.

If you want to know more about the curse of vanishing Minecraft, keep reading the article below, as here we will tell players everything they need to know.

How To Get The Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

The Curse of Vanishing was first added to Minecraft 1.11. When applied to an object, the curse disappears when the player using it dies in the game. This magical enchantment can be applied to every object in the game.

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing 2
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This curse will never appear on an enchanting table and can only be found when players collect chests or fish drops. In the Minecraft Java version, players can find the curse applied to villagers’ traded items.

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Due to this, any other lot found throughout the world gets a little less reliable, but the curse is only applicable when the player dies.

Finding cursed items can sometimes get very annoying if you only need a particular enchantment and find it only in chest loot or fishing, but it comes with the curse of vanishing. Fishing for books that aren’t enchanted is not as easy or common as it seems, and it’s as if every book you find contains a curse.

Here the best way to obtain is followed Chest loot from End City, Jungle Temple, and Stronghold, as well as fishing and trading with any level of the librarian.

How does the curse of vanishing in Minecraft work?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, if the player dies, the items containing curses will completely disappear from the world. The cursed items will not disappear only when they have been placed inside a chest or dropped on the ground.

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Another way of saving the cursed item from disappearing is to use the “game rule” command and then set “keepInventory” to “true.”

Unlike any of the other magical enchantments, players cannot use the grindstone to remove the curse of the vanishing enchantment from an item.

How to Remove the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft

To get rid of the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft you need to place the head and break it doing so will break it.

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