The Venom Family Tree – Explained

The Venom Family Tree If you’re interested in the origins of Venom, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, what is Venom?

Originally an alien brought to Earth by Spider-Man in Secret Wars #8, Venom is now a superhero. In the comics, he has many close friends, including the Spider-Man team, and even Ms. Marvel. In the movies, Venom is known to fight villains and fight back.

Venom Family Tree: Overview

Venom’s origins can be traced back to a race of symbiotes on the planet Klyntar. These creatures fuse with their hosts, forming a combined entity with personality based on both the host and the symbiote.

Unfortunately for the symbiote, it was accidentally transported to the Battleworld, which was created by a cosmic being known as the Beyonder to test heroes against villains.

The symbiote’s host was Spider-Man, but Thor mentioned that he had a device that restored fabric to his host. In addition to the original Venom, Toxin is a clone of Venom who was cursed by the Ghost Rider with the Hell-Mark.

This clone has a similar demonic nature to Venom, but he’s a more virtuous being thanks to Patrick Mulligan. He’s black and red, but his design resembles that of his mentor, Spiderman.

Venom Family Tree

Five symbiotes of the venom family tree are as follows.


The Venom family tree reveals the origins of the symbiote.

This alien has a history of reproduction, and the five different symbiotes were all created from forced experiments by various shadow organizations. However, this time the symbiote has a more balanced lineage. The symbiotes are known as

Carnage, Spidey, Scream, and Venom, and are each unique in their own ways.

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Those who are familiar with the Venom comics know that the character’s origins are from a race of symbiotes that symbiotically merged with humans on the planet Klyntar. They develop a personality based on their host’s characteristics and the symbiote’s.

Venom was accidentally born into the Battleworld, which was designed by a Beyonder as a testing ground for heroes and villains.

In Thor’s storyline, the symbiote was given a device that would restore the fabric of the host, and this device would become the source of Venom’s identity in the Venom family tree. The toxin is Carnage’s son.

This would make him the grandson of Venom. The pair of villains also shared a symbiote. Toxin learned about symbiote reproduction from Venom, but both Carnage and Toxin wanted to raise the offspring on their own. It was also revealed that Carnage was stronger than Venom, and that Venom wanted to leave the offspring to rear on their own.


There is a myth that the Venom symbiote has evolved into Carnage, a vengeful mutant. In the Marvel Comics universe, Carnage is the son of Venom, the mutated supervillain. The symbiote was first created by Michael Morbius, a scientist for HYDRA.

He injected Peter Parker with a sample of the Venom symbiote, and Peter Parker’s spider cells turned it into an unstable organism. The Venom symbiote eventually leaves Peter’s body and is reabsorbed by Harry Osborn. The symbiote is now known as Carnage, which he uses to sabotage and kill people.

The symbiote that Carnage takes on was also responsible for the creation of the infamous Toxin. Carnage learned about symbiote reproduction from Venom, and so flees and kills his offspring before bonding with the symbiote.

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However, Venom wanted Carnage to rear his offspring on his own and not to be dependent on the Venom symbiote.


The Venom family tree includes five symbiotes, Carnage, Venom, and Toxin. The first two of these spawns were essentially mutated versions of the original Venom.

In many ways, these symbiotes resembled their parents. The second symbiote was similar to a radioactive adrenaline junkie, but it also had a dark and emotional side.

Venom grew up to be a tough and aggressive pup, who liked to make trouble for Northern wolves. In addition to killing a two-week-old pup, Venom became a member of the Skeleton group. While the second symbiote, Toxin, is the most powerful of the two, it was initially bonded with a wimpy cop who pushed it.

The Wimpy Cop acted as a constant threat to the symbiote, which was naturally bloodthirsty. This was the perfect scenario for the creation of Foundation Five. Nevertheless, the symbiote was capable of creating the other three symbiotes, including a new one.

Anti –Venom

The anti-venom family tree is comprised of multiple copies of the same gene. These duplicates undergo a process known as neofunctionalization, which is characterized by the accumulation of mutations in the duplicated genes.

In venom protein superfamilies, this process leads to the accumulation of variations in various regions, including surface-exposed domains and loops.

The rapid diversification of the anti-venom family enables rapid evolution and the emergence of novel toxin types. Traditional antivenoms are derived from animal sources and have variable product compositions and batch-to-batch variability.

Their venom toxins vary greatly in composition and bioactivities, which limit their application to different species. The widespread use of ‘omic’ technologies has improved our knowledge of the composition of snake venom components and variability. We now have a better understanding of venom toxins and how to protect against them.

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Venom and his symbiote Agony were created as a science experiment by the Life Foundation. Agony’s unique abilities included absorbing and regurgitating projectiles.

After a failed mission for the Life Foundation, Leslie Gesneria, a human, gained control of Agony and joined the Spider-Men, who were working under S.H.E.I.L.D. on Earth-1610.

The first known appearance of the Knull symbiote is in the animated film Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, in which the Symbiote Sisters join the Spider-Man family. In this film, Venom explains how the symbiote began on Klyntar, a planet inhabited by the Celestials.

Once they’d gained the victory, Knull abandoned the symbiote Sisters and crashed-landed on an alien planet, where they bond with the natives. The character also appears in the mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited.

The Silver Surfer first investigated the planet Klyntar as a Herald. At first, the Silver Surfer was baffled as to why the presence of the Knull had caused such chaos among the symbiotes. The name Klyntar meant “cage” in the Klyntar language, and the Knull remained in Klyntar until a few years ago.

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