Void PVE Build Titan for PVE and PvP

The no backup plan has got a massive buff in the season of the deep and with every void class out there being absolutely insane this season.

Thanks to the artifact perks, this void titan build for me has it all as we get unreal single-target DPS against stronger enemies like bosses and the build absolutely tears down champions of all kinds.

In this season, this build has God mode levels of survivability with constant devouring providing insane healing and here is the best Titan void build.

image via gameinstants
Void PVE Build Titan for PVE and PvP

Best Titan Void Build for PvE

  • Super: Ward of Dawn
  • Ability: Rally Barricade
  • Melee: Shield Throw
  • Grenade: Vortex Grenade
  • Aspect 1: Offensive Bulwark
  • Aspect 2: Controller Demolitionist
  • Fragment 1: Echo of Starvation
  • Fragment 2: Echo of Provision
  • Fragment 3: Echo of Exchange
  • Fragment 4: Echo of Expulsion
  • Weapon: Void Weapon
  • Armor Stat: 100 Discipline and 100 Resilience. Prioritize discipline first.
  • Exotic Armor: Heart of Inmost Light
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Mod Setup

  • Helmet: 1x stat mod, Hands-on, Ashes to Assets, and Void Siphon.
  • Arms: 1x stat mod, Firepower, Heavy Handed, and Bolstering Detonation.
  • Chest: 1x stat mod. Damage Reduction mods according to the activity you’re playing. I use Concussive Dampener, Melee Damage Resistance, and Void Reserves.
  • Legs: 1x stat mod, Void Weapon Surge, Absolution, and Innervation.
  • Class Item: 1x stat mod, 2x Bomber, and Outreach.

How Does This Build Work?

Anyone who has used Heart of Inmost Light in the previous seasons is familiar with how this build works. You have to cast the barricade, followed by the shield throw, and then the grenade for maximum efficiency. Every time your grenade takes down an enemy, an orb will spawn that will grant devour.

This build maximizes your survivability as your barricade will give you an over shield. After taking down an enemy with a grenade, you will have Devour running. So that’s the void pve build titan as I’ll see you in the next article.

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