How To Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Free Rewards

Now, it’s time to recharge your Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime Gaming collaborated with Pokemon Go developers, Niantic, which will bring new free in-game rewards to the table.

There are many things required to catch a single Pokemon in Pokemon Go. To boost your inventory you can claim rewards in Pokemon Go.

Prime Gaming Pokemon Go will introduce new rewards, available for two weeks, and claim the rewards. Here we have mentioned information regarding Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Rewards, go through the article to find out all about it. 

Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Rewards

prime gaming pokemon go
prime gaming pokemon go

You can claim two rewards in July 2023. Amazon Prime Gaming introduced rewards on 20th June 2023 and introduced rewards that help you to capture and raid. 

Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Rewards.

  • 2 Golden Razz Barries, help you to capture Pokemon.
  • 2 Mysterious Component – helps you to create a Rocket Radar.
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There is no such mention of the drop in the rewards in 2023, but back in 2023, it happened once every two weeks, so it may be the same in 2023. 

How To Claim Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Rewards?

You can only claim Prime Gaming Pokemon Go rewards with the active Amazon Prime Subscription. You will need that to claim the Prime Rewards.

Here, we have listed a series of steps that you can follow and claim the rewards:

For iOS users

  • You have to visit the Prime Gaming Pokemon Go website.
  • There will be two rewards for you to claim.
  • After that, you have to visit the Niantic website and head to the offer Redemption Page.
  • Now you have to login in website as your Pokemon Go mobile app account.
  • Enter the code from Prime Gaming and submit.

For Android Users

  • Visit the Pokemon Go website and head to the Pokemon Go Section.
  • Log in to your Amazon Prime Account.
  • Select the Active Rewards.
  • Now, open the Pokeball menu in the Pokemon Go app, and click on the shop icon.
  • At the bottom, you will find a redeem bar, where you have to copy-paste the code and enter submit. 
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If you have submitted the correct details then your rewards will be added to your inventory. You have to claim the rewards five days after activating the code and the Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Rewards for June is available till 20th July 2023


The Prime Gaming and Niantic Parternup announced a new reward for active Amazon Prime Subscription holders. Amazon Prime Gaming holders can claim the rewards in June 2023 by visiting the Prime Gaming website and Niantic website.

On Prime Gaming you will get a code that you have to activate on the Niantic website as mentioned in steps. For JUne the rewards are 2 Golden Razz Barries and 2 Mysterious Components. You can activate them before 20th July 2023. 

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