Ark Quetzal | Location, Taming, Food, Breed

Quetzal (Quetzalcoatlus) is one of the massive carnivores flying creatures same appears as Tropeognathus. However, compared to other flying creatures in Ark Survival Evolve, the Quetzal is the largest in size among all other flying creatures.

Quetzal does not attack anyone until it needs to feed and it can fly indefinitely without landing on the ground. Once you are able to tame it you can use its saddle to transport other creatures, supplies and turrets on its back because of its massive size.

Mostly the survivors can encounter it on top of the mountain or plateaus and using a flyer. Here we covered information regarding the Quetzal such as how to tame it, where to find it, what food you can feed it, how to craft its saddle and how you can breed it.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Quetzal Ark

Quetzal Spawn Locations

The survivors can find the Quetzal on top of the mountains or high plateaus on the following islands in Ark Survival Evolved.

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The Island

You can encounter Quetzal on The Island in the following locations shown on the map using the boxes.

 Quetzal Locations in The Island

The Center

You can encounter Quetzal in The Center map in the following locations shown on the map using the boxes.

 Quetzal Locations in The Center


You can encounter Quetzal on the Ragnarok map in the following locations shown on the map using the boxes.

 Quetzal Locations in Ragnarok


You can encounter Quetzal on the Extinction map in the following locations shown on the map using the box.

 Quetzal Locations in Extinction


You can encounter Quetzal on the Valguero map in the following locations shown on the map using the boxes.

 Quetzal Locations in Valguero

How To Tame Quetzal?

Once you are able to find the Quetzal you need to tame it. The easiest way to tame Quetzal is simply to chase it with another flyer creature. We recommend Griffins and Desmodus both are the best flying creatures on that survivors can use weapons such as tranquillizer darts.

If you have one of these flying creatures you can be ready to chase the Quetzal. Simply sneak behind the Quetzal and fire the tranquillizer darts until it is knocked out.

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While knocking out Quetzal make sure it will not land on the water or else it will drown in the water most importantly you need to kill all the carnivores in that area to prevent Quetzal and while taming it make sure to prevent it from using the spikes.

In order to tame Quetzal you need to feed it prefer food such as Exceptional Kibble and in case it tries to wake up while taming you can feed it Narcoberries to boost the stun levels.

Quetzal Food

Following are the Quetzal prefer food that you can feed it.

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat

Quetzal Saddle

In order to craft Quetzal Saddle survivor must be level 76 and you need to spend 44 Engram Points to get the crafting recipe. Once you have the recipe you need the following items to craft it.

  • 750x Hide
  • 500x Fiber
  • 100x Cement paste or Achatina paste
  • 85x Silica Pearls

Platform Saddle

You can also craft a platform Saddle for Quetzal and for it you need to spend  97 and 80 engram points and the following are the items you need to craft it.

  • 620x Hide
  • 400x Fiber
  • 180x Metal Ingots
  • 120x Cement paste or Achatina paste
  • 220 Silica Pearls
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Quetzal Breeding

When male and female Quetzal meets for breeding the female Quetzal delivers the Fertilized Quetzal Egg that looks dark blue in color with yellow spots.

 Fertilized Quetzal Egg

Once you have Fertilized Quetzal Egg and in order to hatch it you need to place its temperature between 5 °C and 6 °C and the time interval in the hatching process of Quetzal Baby from egg will take 17 hours.

This is all for the Quetzal guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all the information related to gaming. If you’re interested you can also read our Ark Survival Evolved Guides for the more helpful content.

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