Ark Quetzal: Controls, Skills, Taming, Food

Ark Survival evolved is a video game created by Studio Wildcard, with Ark research and development by Instinct Games. Quetzal has been a prominent character in the series since the first game. Quetzal is one of the most recognizable prehistoric animals from Ark: Survival Evolved.

This intelligent and elusive creature is the perfect size for a pet – it can easily be led around with a long leash. This article will guide you to everything you need to know about Ark Quetzal.

Ark Quetzal: Overview

Ark Quetzal is one of the creatures in Ark Survival Evolved. Quetzal is a flying creature that usually hunts small prey or scavenges for food. The Quetzal has a green body with black stripes on its back and head in its natural state, though some parts of the wings are also green. It has a long, slender beak, powerful feet and claws, red triangular eyes, and a crest of feathers on its head.

One of the most popular creatures to tame is the Quetzal, a skittish carnivore. Quetzal was introduced as one of a handful of new creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved’s third expansion, The Center, released in October 2016.

The Center raised the level cap for players up to 375, adding new items and content, including Quetzals. Ark Survival evolved has six character classes, and it is possible to tame creatures that are not in the game.

Quetzal Ark

How to Tame Ark Quetzal?

Many people want to tame an Ark Quetzal, but few succeed. There are a lot of notorious difficulties in taming Quetzal, so a lot of Ark players have developed strategies on how to get their hands on a Quetzal. A few of them are:

Griffin Assisted Taming

The Quetzal has a tame passive system that allows it to be mounted by other players. However, this doesn’t mean that you can fly into the air and then shoot it while it’s flying because they are not an easy enemy to tame. If you want to tame them, you will need a specific strategy – such as shooting from the Griffin, using it to tame the Quetzal, and shooting at it from midair.

Run and Gun

There is a secret way to tame a Quetzal. This is not an exploit but a unique way to tame one. Ark Quetzal is one of the most challenging to tame by the Run and Gun Method. The bird must be tamed at high altitudes, which will require players to find new vantage points or higher areas to make Ark Quetzal feel more comfortable in its surroundings.

It’s worth noting that Ark Quetzal will flee from familiar areas, making it hard to tame without getting some help.

Carrying another Survivor

If you’ve reached level 25 and unlocked the Argentavis or Pteranodon, you’re ready to tame Ark Quetzal. You can use a flyer to tame the Ark Quetzal. Ark Quetzal is an aggressive creature that can fly and leave a tribe member.

You can tame this creature using a flyer such as an Argentavis or Pteranodon and have a tribe member around to shoot the Quetzal.

Trapper Quetzal Taming

Ark Quetzal is a tedious process that can take ages. With the help of the trapper, it is possible to trap them in a way that they don’t even know that they’re trapped. Place the Quetzal trap on its head, put your arm over its head and under its wing, and then latch one of your legs onto its tail.

Then, please put all your weight on the other leg and swing it out to get large amounts of Ark Quetzals caught in a single trap! Trap them inside by latching onto their wings or other limbs like their butt.

Controls & Abilities for Ark Quetzal


Due to its massive size, the Quetzal can carry creatures from small to medium sizes. Default Controls for it:

  • RMB (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

How to find Ark Quetzal in Ark Survival Evolved?

If you are looking for the Ark Quetzal, it is typically found in central areas with plenty of water. It can be found in a few specific locations on the map and around water sources. The bird often nests in mountainous regions and near jungles, so finding it will depend on where you are playing on the map.

List of Maps where Quetzal generally spawns:

  • The Island
  • The Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

What is the food of Ark Quetzal?

The food that Quetzal needs to eat in the game includes raw meat, cooked fish meat and kibble (a type of food made from processed raw meat), and a lot of others, such as:-

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Cooked Lamb Chop
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw Meat ยง Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Cooked Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat
  • Cooked Fish Meat

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Ark Quetzal with complete information.

Can a quetzal pick up a Rex?

According to the gamers, Yes, Even REX can’t stop Quetzal in Ark Survival Evolution.

Are quetzals rare ark?

If you see a quetzal, it’s one of the most rare dinosaurs in the ark.

Can you build on a quetzal?

To ride a Quetz, equip it with this. On the big platform, you can construct structures to create a mobile base. The Quetz Platform Saddle is a unique saddle designed specifically for the Quetzal. The player can build mobile bases by placing structures on top of the Quetz Platform Saddle.

What Dinos can a quetzal carry?

Except for other fliers, Megalodon, Plesiodon, Ich, Rex, Spino, Paracer, and, of course, Bronto, it appears that they can carry everything.

What’s the best way to tame a quetzal?

All you need is a flying dinosaur that can pick up people or has a multi-seat saddle to tame Quetzals with a partner. Set out across the map with the right tranq arrows, narcotics, and food to find one.

This is end of this short guide.

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