Amakumo Peak Puzzle Solution | Guide

Amakumo Peak is a location in the Genshin Impact that covered puzzles and a water pool if you’re looking for a guide. Then you’re in luck today here we featured information that covers the complete solutions to the Amakumo Peak Puzzle. Without further ado let’s focus on the guide.

amakumo peak puzzle

Amakumo Peak Puzzle Guide

First of all, you need to complete the Seirai Stormchasers questline before starting the Amakumo Peak Puzzle. Because this quest will clear out the Balethunder but it won’t remove the Electro currents of the water.

The Amakumo Peak puzzle starts when you encounter the Thunder Manifestation boss. As the puzzle starts you will encounter the puzzle mechanisms and different types of enemies in the circle. In order to drain the pool water you need to activate the titles. For this, you need to press the three-by-three titles in the middle of the circle.

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Once you perfectly activate the puzzle, the mechanism will be pop-up that drains the water from the pool once the pool is drained you will see the massive hole in the center of the pool after the cutscene.

After that, you need to defeat all nearby enemies to unlock the next mechanism and to activate it you need to use the drain water once again.

Now you need to lookup for the SEELIES in the Amakumo Peak. For this, you need to jump into the next layer with and door that was blocked by the red glowing wall. To open the door you need to use the mechanism next to it.

After this, you need to use the cube switches to enable and disable all the colored hurdles. Most of them are simply and easily done. If you struggling to solve these follow the below guide.

First SeeLies

  1. Enable the yellow switch. > red switch > yellow switch > Send Seelie to thier home.
  2. Enable the red switch up > Drop into the hole > Yellow switch and then climb up the wall using the hole. > Send Seelie to their home.
  3. Go to the blue and red gates, and move forward till you see the red switch. Activate it.
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After that go back on the same path and activate the blue switch after the red gate. Go up again and go back again to activate a yellow switch after the blue gate.

After that reach to the room that has the blue switch and again after the yellow gate. In last to activate the now-unlocked mechanism and track Seelie the recently drained hole for the loot and reward.

Video Guide:

This is sum up for Amakumo Peak guide for more helpful content do read our Genshin Impact Guides.

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