How To Get Blind Rage in Warframe

One of the most powerful mods in Warframe is Blind Rage. Blind Rage significantly increases your ability strength, while simultaneously reducing ability efficiency. This means that while you will be doing a lot more damage with your abilities, they will also cost more energy at the same time.

Although the negative effect to ability efficiency is quite high, Blind Rage can be an excellent mod for the right build. Take for instance, at rank 6 Blind Rage does 25% more ability strength compared to that of Intensify.

Therefore, pairing Blind Rage with a Streamline mod will mitigate the negative ability efficiency effect, while also providing increased ability strength.

How To Get the Blind Rage Mod in Warframe

Blind Rage Warframe
image via gameinstants

Blind Rage can be obtained by opening the Vaults in the Orokin Derelict tileset. These vaults can be found on Deimos map. Opening these vaults will require the player to carry a specific Dragon Key.

There are four Dragon Keys, and they can be obtained from the Orokin Research Lab at the Dojo. It is worth noting that each Dragon Key comes with a particular debuff. The following are all the Dragon Keys and their debuffs:

  • Bleeding Key: -75% Health
  • Extinguished Key: -75% Damage
  • Decaying Key: -75% Shield
  • Hobbled Key: -50% Speed
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Once you have the Dragon Keys, head over to any mission on the Orokin Derelict tileset, and search for the Vault.

Once you find it, use the Dragon Key required to open the vault, and then pick up the Orokin artifact. Then, complete your mission to find out what mod you receive. The Blind Rage mod has a 4.35% chance of dropping from Orokin Vaults.

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