Lost Ark Shangra Island: Location, Events, Rewards

At first, you have to know that Lost Ark is mainly a vast MMO that is able to give you the explore adventure islands as well as organize your virtues and master classes.

Shangra Island: Overview

At very first you have to remember that Shangra Island might be the harder adventure island to discover for you but as well as it is a very popular and well-known Island in the game and you can find more than hundreds of adventure islands to explore in this Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Shangra Island
Lost Ark Shangra Island

As we mentioned before Lost Ark is a very amusing and exciting MMOARPG that has many different types of events that always keep the players connected and Shangra Island is one of those events.

And most of the Islands have a permanent position and as well as they act like real Islands, but   Shangra Island is not like that. They alter their position after some time and it becomes more fascinating to guess it’s the location for the players.

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In the Lost Ark when you will be able to find the Island you will be eligible for finishing this ongoing event and you will also be able to achieve some amazing rewards.

Shangra Island Location

In Lost Ark you will be able to discover various kinds of Island that is not accessible for the all-time, if you want to visit or explore it then also follow a timer always and we will like to inform you that Shangra Island is like that not all time accessible Island and it follows timer.

Lost Ark Shangra Island Location
Lost Ark Shangra Island Location

If you want to find the location of Shangra Island then it will not be harder and tricky to locate for you because you can find out this island spawning over the three portions on the map but you should remember that it is a time-limited island so all you need a boat to sail the seas discover the island before the time.

Likewise, we will like to advise you that before you are going to explore the vast sea you should complete level 50 and item level 250.

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You have to observe if the island is available or not so keep your eyes on your Procyon Compass. But North of Annika which is in the Sea of Death, Southeast of North Vern, and Northwest of North Vern is the main areas where you will be able to locate it on the map.

Mokoko Seeds

If you are a Mokoko seeds hunter then here is very exciting news for you Shangra Island will give you the opportunity to collect seven Mokoko Seeds and you are able to add them in your collection.

Shangra Island Location Lost Ark
Lost Ark Shangra Island Map

And if you don’t aware of it then we will like to inform you that Mokoko Seeds are one kind of currency in the Lost Ark and it also belongs to the eight collectible items that you can collect in the game and you can very easily recognize them or you are able to interact with them to press G.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The kind of rewards  you are able to get after Redeeming Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Charms, cards, blueprint, and many more amazing items

How To Calming the Shangra Island Token

After earning the 5,600 Firm Peach you have to cultivate the 1000 years old tree bud which is very important to claim the Shangra Island token.

How to Achieve the  Firm Peaches on Shangra Island?

You have to take part in the daily repeatable quests and after winning you can achieve daily 120 Firm Peaches.

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