15+ Games Like Prodigy in 2024

If you enjoyed the original Prodigy, you’d surely want to play the sequel. In the video game series, you can explore various worlds, earn achievements, and feed your pets.

But before you decide to purchase the new version of this game, there are 15 Games Like Prodigy that you can play today. Here are some of my recommendations.

Best Games Like Prodigy List

These are some of the best and similar games like Prodigy.

Games Like Prodigy

Animal Jam

There are many reasons why Animal Jam is like Prodigy. It allows children to customize the animals they own and make new friends.

The game is free and has never required a membership. Parents may worry that their children are not safe playing the game on an online platform, but this is not true.

Children can engage in friendly competition and learn about nature. Animal Jam also includes online tutorials to help parents understand the game’s intricacies.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

If you’ve played the Nintendo game, you’ll be familiar with the protagonist: Captain Toad. You can’t jump, attack, or use other traditional platforming techniques, so you must solve puzzles.

The game is primarily puzzle-based, with isometric-style levels and sneaky-past enemies. It also teaches you to use the right analog stick, which might be a turn-off for a non-gamer.


While Prodigy is easy to implement in a classroom, it also fails to integrate important math concepts into its gameplay. Instead of emphasizing math concepts through gameplay, Prodigy makes students focus on socializing and shopping.

is a problem because Prodigy is not designed to foster an understanding of math concepts but rather to tolerate it merely. As such, it’s best used as a review game.

Thinkrolls 2

If you’re looking for a game that combines fun and science education, Tryrolls 2 is your game. Not only does it have a fun concept, but the aliens will teach your kids about buoyancy, gravity, acceleration, and more.

Best of all, there are no in-app purchases, and no internet connection is necessary. It’s a hassle-free way to introduce new concepts to young kids without re-teaching a topic. If you’re wondering if Thinkrolls 2 is similar to Prodigy, here’s what to expect.

This math roleplaying game uses simulations to help kids learn the proper concepts. The questions are grade level-appropriate, and kids can play with friends. It’s a great learning tool for kids of all ages and levels. It also has multiplayer features and is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

Tinybop Games

If you’re looking for games for children that teach and entertain simultaneously, try Tinybop. This new app combines educational games with fun activities for kids. It features games about everything from simple machines to the human body.

The best part is that you can play the games for free, so there’s no need to worry about spending money on a subscription. But be sure to check the app store’s ratings before downloading the game.

Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

While traditional chess and math games can be challenging and boring, DragonBox offers a fun and engaging way to learn and practice these skills.

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The game is designed by a team of chess experts, including Magnus Carlsen, to help kids unlock their true potential in the game. In addition to teaching children how to play chess, DragonBox improves concentration, logical thinking, and social interaction.

Endless Alphabet

Aside from the obvious benefits of reading, Endless Alphabet games also have other benefits, including animation that keeps users engaged. Children can also improve their spelling and deciphering skills while working toward the game’s goal of zero hunger. It is recommended for young children ages four to ten.

In addition to being a fun and educational game, Endless Alphabet is also affordable, with a free trial available. The game incorporates several educational methods that combine vocabulary development, animation, and transference into a highly visual experience.

In addition to learning about the definition of each word, Endless Alphabet also incorporates real-world applications of words.

The result is an educational game that allows children to build a vocabulary quickly and easily. The game’s content is best suited for younger users who are still learning to string letters together.

In addition to the 52 words, the game features an array of puzzles and a talking monster that encourages higher-level thinking.

Starfall Kids Games

Consider Starfall if you’re looking for an interactive educational game for your preschooler. This website features a variety of preschool to third-grade activities that will teach kids to read, write, and use the computer.

The site uses time-tested instructional methods to guide children through sequential learning objectives. While you’re not required to pay for the whole subscription, the free content is great for beginners. You can get started on the website with a free lesson on basic reading.

This educational app was developed by Dr. Stephen Schutz, a Ph.D. in physics and a published artist.

Starfall combines a systematic approach with audiovisual interactivity to help kids learn to read and write. It’s a great alternative to TV, computers, and other forms of entertainment. It even has free resources for adults! It’s an excellent learning tool for parents and teachers alike.

PBS Kids Games

If you’re looking for an educational game that turns math into a fun, consider PBS Kids Games Like Prodigy. There are hundreds of online-based games that help children master different subjects.

Prodigy was created by a former public school teacher and features over 3,500 content pages arranged by grade and subject.

Students can play games and improve their math skills by completing challenging math problems. Parents can download the app to give their kids a chance to try it for free, and teachers can use it to track progress. The app is available in multiple languages and includes over 200 curriculum-based games that your children will love.

This app is also great for offline play and has many activities. In addition, PBS Kids Games has plenty of parent resources that can help parents guide their kids through choosing the right game.

PBS Kids Games has many positive aspects, so parents are sure to find something for their children that they’ll enjoy.

Stop Motion Studio

You’ll find at least 15 similar games in Stop Motion Studio. It’s easy to start creating short movies in the app, with dozens of tools at your disposal.

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You can change background images, add captions and audio clips, and apply various filter effects. You can share your finished projects online and export them to other devices.

The app is so popular that Apple has even used it in an ad. One of the easiest stop-motion movie-making apps available on iOS is Stop Motion Studio. It’s incredibly easy to use and has an intuitive interface to help you get started.

Despite its simple interface, the app is extremely powerful. Some features require in-app purchases, but all options are included in the Pro version. You can also use the app to import your photos and change the focus.

Tate Kids

Many elementary school children love playing video games – and most of us would probably agree. The good news is that many online games like Prodigy combine the fun of video games with the necessity of practicing math skills.

The benefits of this new type of game are endless. Here are some examples of fun and educational games for kids that have the potential to transform your child’s learning experience.

Tate Kids has something for everyone – and it’s free! Start With Art: Available for free on various app stores; this interactive program takes children through the foundational lessons of art.

Kids can try out instruments like the piano, the drums, and the panflute. Astrology: Explore different art forms and explore your creativity with a variety of projects.

Tate Kids has videos that introduce the art world to children, including a tour of Tate Britain from Jacqueline Wilson. Another video shows children playing in street artists’ studios and a film about an LGBTQ+ artist.

Colorfy: Coloring Art Game

If you are a fan of colouring art games but are looking for an app that offers more than a basic coloring book, Colorfy is perfect. It offers a wide variety of beautiful pictures that can be colored using various colors.

You can save completed pieces to your gallery, photo album, or email address. You can also add them to iMessages. Colorfy is available for iOS and Android. The best feature of this coloring art game is free for kids.

This free app features high-quality illustrations that are perfect for beginner coloring artists. There are over 1000 pictures to choose from, many of them being mandalas.

The app also features AR virtual galleries. In addition, Colorfy also has a HOMER Reading feature, which combines your child’s current reading level and their passions to curate stories that they will love. The app even allows users to add their images to the gallery.

Language arts

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging online resource for teaching language arts, you’ve come to the right place. Prodigy offers parents and teachers ready-made letters that explain the site’s purpose and how parents can get involved.

Parents can use these letters to help their children learn and become more engaged in their child’s learning. Parents can also use the parent account to add classes, review assignments, and evaluate learning materials. When you download the Prodigy app, you’ll enter an exciting world of quests and adventures.

Once you start playing the game, you’ll complete the Placement Test, which gathers insights about your child’s current mathematics level.

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This test runs annually in January and August and determines the content of the math work in-game, allowing teachers to place students properly.

Afterward, students can review what they learned with Prodigy. The game’s gameplay combines math with RPG mechanics to promote literacy and numeracy skills.

Kids use their math skills to wield magic and defeat monsters and earn experience points as they progress through the game.

While the game is not groundbreaking in terms of design, it provides a fun context for students to practice while also providing remediation if needed.

Moreover, the game’s adaptive nature makes it an ideal choice for teachers who want to provide engaging educational material to their students.

Vocabulary Spelling City

The premise behind VocabularySpellingCity is to save teachers time and empower students to learn independently.

As part of the LearningCity(r) family of educational technology products, VocabularySpellingCity includes various study tools and best practices for vocabulary word instruction.

While the focus of this program is on vocabulary word learning, the app has expanded beyond spelling to provide additional features that can benefit students of all ages.

The app collects information in various ways, including allowing teachers and parents to monitor student progress. The information is used to personalize a child’s experience by offering real-time reporting and assessment features.

Although Prodigy is certified by the iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor, it does not ask students for PII or other sensitive information. It never uses behaviorally-targeted advertising or sells student information to marketers.

Some Kids’ Podcasts

Try listening to Ear Snacks on iTunes if your children love musical stories. This podcast features the music of lesser-known musicians and interjected commentary from the hosts. Look no further than this site if you’re looking for a fun, uplifting, and educational podcast for kids.

There’s something for every kid in this podcast, from frog princes to fairy tales. The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel is a similar story but told in a much shorter period.

Six minutes follows an 11-year-old girl named Holiday, who has no memory of her parents but soon discovers her extraordinary powers and the truth about her world.

It’s created by the same people behind The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel and the similar series Prodigy. It also resembles the Fantasy Adventure Story podcast, which follows two princes who battle for the same kingdom.

You can also try Story Time for kids. Episodes of this podcast run for less than 20 minutes, and they feature original bedtime stories, with an engaging British tenor narrating.

This podcast is great for busy parents, innovative teachers, or at-wits-end babysitters. It is a fun way to encourage your kids to read outside of the classroom and stay engaged in the reading process.

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